• Ye ye dude

    They are supes important like ye ye dude like ye like lets get it on like ye like lets party like get that phone book out like yeeeeeeeee okay so yeah they are important like Christians like ye like the yellow pages like ye HAPPY 4/20 DAY YE YE YE MURICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not at all

    No, they are not needed any more at all. Now the access to the web is so great that not a single person would have to have a phone book to find a number to call a person or a business, and cell numbers are not put in them anyway.

  • No, I don't believe phonebooks are still necessary.

    I believe phonebooks are largely outdated now, with nearly every major and local company having a website there is very little use of keeping a phonebook, I do see a phonebook kind of necessary if you need a local service that does not have a website or way to look them up online but that is becoming increasingly rare.

  • Phone Books are not still Necessary

    When my phone book is delivered, I am annoyed. Legitimately annoyed. All of the sudden, I have three pound book full of phone numbers that I can get even more easily off of Google. Plus, using the Internet, I can also see reviews of the business, maybe even get a businesses email address so that I don't have to even call them.

  • Waste of paper for many

    Phone books are easily outdated compared to the results of a single Internet search and the wealth of information it can deliver about local businesses. A phone book is an outdated analog system that cannot even remotely compare to the Internet level of information delivery. With a hat tip toward the environment phone books should become opt-in, rather than opt-out.

  • Phone books are no longer necessary.

    Phone books are no longer necessary. Home phone numbers or business phone numbers can be found more effiiciently on the Internet. Phone books are almost obsolete, however they are useful if you are in a location that doesn't have computer and Internet access. Most of the popular phone books have online databases as well so If you have a computer and Internet you do not need a physical phone book.

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