Are pies the grandest of the pastry delights?

Asked by: yahuaa
  • Yes of course

    I love pie and I love squirels. There awsome. . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . . .. .. . . .. . . .. .. .. . . .. . . .. . . . .. . .

  • Undoubtedly they are!

    With its magnificent crust perfectly baked to golden brown, juicy or tangy filling (depends on which flavor the pie is), a pie is served with its glorious beauty on a plate (or anything else if you feel like it), who could resist the warm smell and texture? It is of course, and indeed, king of all pastry!!

  • Glory unto Pie

    Pie is for the people! Where Kings and Tyrants feast upon the Cake, the pie sustains the common man. It is pastry love. Cake is a wicked harlot dressed to seduce only to poison. Pie has the integrity and honor to stay with us through thick and thin. Nursing us back to health.

  • No i REFUSE

    Pies are just cakes in denial, they are made from SATANS BOOTY and deserve to be burnt in an oven for 1,000,000 years! PIES ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS WORLD, THEY ARE THE CANCER TO THE BAKERY TREAT WORLD, GET OUT OF HERE PIES NO ONE LOVES YOU. Thank you very mooch

  • All Pastries Are Created Equally

    I only have one question. Why are we putting our focus on the everlasting rivalry between cake and pie? There are so many other great pastries in the world. Although I do love pie and all the wonderfulness it has brought to my life, I do not believe it is the big daddy of pastries.

  • All Pastries Are Created Equally

    I have only one question for you. Why are we only talking about the rivalry between cake a pie? There are so many more pastries out in the world. Despite the wonderfulness pit has brought to many of our lives, I do not believe it is the big daddy of pastries.

  • Cakes are better than pies!

    Throughout the ages, cakes have been the paramount sweet delight for both regal and average families. From the Gallette de Rois, to the Mooncake, cakes are surely RICH in history. But besides the historic tradition and symbolic facets, the taste is the center of attention and is really what captivates the palate. As mentioned earlier in an ad lib pun, the rich texture, or grainy if you're into that, is what distinguishes cakes from pies. This fact plus the tradition and history behind the cake makes for a versatile treat, literally meant for kings and queens; a feat that no pie can equate to.

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