Are pit bull bans/BSL targeting the wrong animals in today's society?

Asked by: Randyg
  • Its the owners problem

    Pit bulls are trained to be vicious and 'defend' their homes. The dogs are trained to go straight for the throat of an intruder and cause as much bodily harm as they can. Then, the pit bulls go and attack other people because that is what they were trained to do, and then are put down. The dog is killed for something that is not his fault.

  • Pit bulls are lovers not fighters. Target those that train them to be bad

    The problem with todays society is not a family pet, In todays world where California alone kills 200 pit bulls a day because of breed specific legislation ( bsl ), the gangbanger that teaches the dog to fight and fights these dogs, in most states gets off with just a misdemeanor and probation while the dog gets a death sentence. Are we targeting the wrong animal, shouldn't we target the real problem. How about a BSL that really will solve the real problem today. The breed being , gangbanger / drug dealer / Muslim radical . This BSL would actually target a more appropriate animal in todays society. In the last 10 years, "bad " pit bulls have killed 80 people according to the CDC. In 1 day Muslim extremists killed over 3000, and the killing continues ; how many people every year do gangbangers kill ( its a daily occurrence that is getting worse every year ); how many people die from drug overdoses, or are killed by drug dealers protecting their turf. Are we targeting the right animal. Are pit bulls the real animal we should be afraid of. In Chicago where pit bulls are banned and if brought in are euthanized, gangbangers run wild killing innocent people everyday. If we set up a policy dealing with gangbangers/ drug dealers/Muslim extremists the same way we deal with pit bulls, we could save thousand upon thousands of lives every year. How much safer would our neighborhoods be if everyday we took 200 of this breed per state and did to them what we now do to a family pet. We could get rid of prison over crowding, our backed up judicial system wouldn't be a problem, you could walk down the street in any major city and not be afraid, and most of all we would save the innocent lives of thousands of our kids and friends and family that get killed every year by this monster of a breed. We could make our streets safe again with just this one law, treat them like the dogs and cowards they are.... ARE WE TARGETTING THE WRONG ANIMALS. Why don't we target the real problem? We are killing 3 million family pets per year because of stupid people that have supported stupid laws because the media and politicians won't target the real problem.

  • Dogs are dogs. They are all part of the same species.

    Dogs are dogs first and foremost. They all belong to the same species. There is not that much difference between one breed and another. There can be a huge behavior difference between one individual dog and another, but that difference has more to do with their owners than with anything else.

  • Are pit bull bans/BSL tergeting the wrong animals in todays society???

    I have 3 pits and one pit lab mix, one rescue and the other 3 my own personal pets. They are not the killers everyone thinks that they are. Mine are the sweetest things in the world. The cuddle in bed with me and my wife. They are just like any other breed of dog, they just have a bad rep, because of ignorant human beings wanting to make some money and not caring that they are destorying an amazing breed of dogs by doing so. BSL is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of. What most people dont know is that last year there were more humans attacked by the Golden Lab than by pit bulls. Yea the "greatest family dog" It also bothers me when I look in a paper and it is talking about a dog attack when they are refering to another breed other than a pit the headlines read "Dog attacks child" but when a pit dies hurt someone the headlines read "Vicious Pitbull Attack" I hate the name that todays society has given the pit bull. A once loved loyal servant to humans is now viewed as a feared killer. Pits are like hand guns if put in the wrong hands they can be dangerous, but if not then they are harmless. They are misunderstood and I want to make a change to help this amazing breed. I am running a rescue out of my house, because where I live pits are put down immediatly I have even went as far as chasing down a truck going to the pound with a pit puppy no older than 6 months to try and save him but the man from the pound sad no because it scrathed a kid on the hand it was dagerous and had to be taken care of. I went to the police station and talked to the sheriff the governor the mayor and no one was onmy side. Something needs to be done something big and I want it to be soon.

  • Yes they are.

    Yes they are, because Pits are just the main dog many fightors or tough guy wannabes choose because of the breeds biology. They are one of the strongest dogs wwiith the strongest jaws. However, they are one of the best family dogs! In the world. Interestingly enough, they don't even top the list for most attacks in the county, chawawas or however you spelll it do. But you don't head that because the news doesn't spread the mass ill goten feelings that they happily do for the Piit.
    10 years ago it was the Shepherds that were top of the ban listl befor that Retrievers. It all stems from one or two bad stories, pushed by the media and eaten up by the uneducated tv watching American. Watch, in 10 years it'll be the Saint Barnard or something rather. Pits wwilll be lost in the contries mass media archives.

  • Pits are love

    Pit bulls, like every other dog, are born to be loyal and loving pets. The aggressive, mean, violent behavior is not natural to them. It is the hateful, evil, monsters called humans that train these lovable pets into fierce fighters, because they are too much of a coward to stand up for themselves. They think having control over an animal makes them a man, it does not. The animals that should be banned and removed from society are these evil human cowardly monsters that inflict pain and suffering on innocent dogs and thereby hurting the decent people who love these precious pups.

  • Targeting wrong end of the leash.

    You'll find the majority, to nearly all the dogs as being near perfectly well behaved dogs. They may not have their manners in place yet, but a little training would turn that right around. I find that I trust strange pitbulls over any other dogs Amy day of the week. Sure, you may have an occasional off balanced one, but that's usually a victim of the title of this mini essay, "the other end of the leash" the human allowed a scared or slightly aggressive animal to breed. That animal should never have been allowed to! That's promoting bad breeding and allowing bad traits to continue.

  • Discrimination! Cruelty! Animal & owner abuse!

    BSL only hurts the innocent: innocent dogs and their poor owners who have spent time, energy, money and love raising good citizens. These animals are STOLEN from loving homes and culled by a legislative body that refuses to become informed and enlightened and who are responding to mass hysteria. Punish the deed, punish the perpetrator, punish the crime, not he breed. That's like saying punish the ethnic family that left a window open in their house that allowed a thief in to steal! NO SENSE AT ALL! Stop the agony and the sorrow! Stop the WRONG Please!

  • Target the humans!!

    Target the sadistic and uncivilized humans, instead of the breed! Banning pitbulls is a discriminatory practice, without a doubt. Come on, this is 2013. People need to quit quit stereotyping and ignoring the REAL problems in today's society. What about the pitbull's owner/cowardly thug's self-entitlement value system or lack of responsibility and accountability? Pit bulls are family pets, just as any OTHER dog.

  • Blame Mankind not Mankind's Best Friend

    No single race nor a single breed should ever be discriminated against. It's unfair and morally wrong. I've known people who've been bitten by little dogs, kids, cats and other critters from the Animal Kingdom. It's humans we need to worry about as they are the ones that imprison, torture and force the Pit Bulls to fight. It's not in their nature.

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