• Seen one kill a small dog unprovoked.

    If you want a sheep herding dog you get one bred for that. If you want a dog for hunting you get one bred for that. Racing, there's a breed for that. Protecting your crack and fighting, you get a pitbull. BSL is a good thing. Get rid of them. All dogs can bite but these dogs can kill.

  • Bred to kill

    The only reason that pit bulls are around is because they were bred to be a fighting dog. That was the sole purpose of the dog breed. People do not get a pitbull inspire of their rep, they get it because of their rep. They make up 60 percent of all dog bites and make up less than 1 percent of the dog population. Every other kind of dangerous dog has had maybe 5 or 6 fatalities and then the pit bill has over 80 in the last year. Anytime you hear about a dog mauling someone it's almost always a pit bull. They have the same pressure in their jaw as an alligator. The only way they can let go of something after their jaws lock down on it is to rip it off, they can't open their mouth anymore. There is a reason that in some states you have to register a pitbull like you do a gun. Or even not own a pitbull at all. It's not how they are raised, even with the most love, pitbulls have the instinct to potentially kill something on a dime.

  • Born aggresive! Just the same a tiger is born aggresive!!!

    These dogs are born with aggression along with the ability to kill. Yes its true that small dogs bite too, but you don't see a poodle attack and rip apart a human or other animal. People go stupid over animals and value them more than the safety of another persons life. Its like taking a tiger at birth and saying because your suck a good tiger owner, the tiger no longer has the ability to kill you. Pit owners make me sick.

  • Numbers don't lie.

    A factual; 77% of fatalities are from pitbulls that make up 2-5% of the dog population speaks louder than an emotional; "My dog is gentle, all dogs can be aggressive"

    Any dog can be gentle, the ones that are doing a VASTLY disproportionate amount of killing are what breed?


  • Usually dangerous dogs

    I believe pit bull terriers specifically have a natural disposition for aggression. In 2009 there were 32 dog mauling fatalities in the United States. Of this total 14 were due to pit bulls, 44%

    In 2010 there were 33 dog mauling fatalities in the United States. Of this total 22 were due to pit bulls, 67%

    In 2011 there were 31 dog mauling fatalities in the United States. Of this total 22 were due to pit bulls, 77%

    In 2012 there were 38 dog mauling fatalities in the United States. Of this total 23 were due to pit bulls, 61%

    In 2013 from January 1st to March 6th there have been six fatal dog mauling's in the United States. Of this total 6 were due to pit bulls, 100%

  • Statistics Do Not Lie On This One

    Most deaths by dog can be attributed to a Pit Bull, this is not deniable. Once this breed has decided to attack, nothing less than a fatal blow will stop it. They are bred not to even signal aggression, a trait common to every other canine. When a dog growls, it is giving you warning. Pit Bulls will not warn you, they go from zero to kill, and why so many are injured or killed by them. Ticking Time bomb. Some may never go off, but with 100+ other spectacular choices, why the hell choose this dog.

  • Genetically preconditioned for aggression

    Pit bulls are born with a trait to be aggressive and dangerous, and only the best, most disciplined owners can raise pit bulls that you can truly feel safe to be around. Too often, pit bulls are not cared for well enough, and this causes them to access their "fight" side of the fight-or-flight response to stressful situations.

  • They were bred for fighting.

    The reason they are called "Pit bulls" is because they were bred to fight in a fighting pit. Aggression has been bred into them; dogs are creatures of instinct, so this is especially important. Pit bulls are responsible for something like 40% of dog attacks on humans. They are useful for police dogs or guarding or other roles where an aggressive dog is desired, but they don't make good pets.

  • 100% yes they are

    Why have Pit Bulls and Rotties become so popular in the last decade? Because of an increasingly violent society. People like to own Pit Bulls for 2 reason: to fight them against other dogs or to have them as protection. And why do they choose this breed? The answer the PRO-Pit Bull fans don't want to admit is that they have the POTENTIAL to kill. I'm annoyed at the owners who keep talking about the issue being how they are raised and what great dogs Pit Bulls are. Well, so are Labs and Shepards and Collies. But Pit Bulls have the added appeal of having that "don't mess me" look or I'll attack and it will be hard for even my owner to stop me. The issue is not how they are raised. That is like saying the issue of gun violence is who is owning a gun. The gun itself is a lethal weapon. A Pit Bull is potentially the most lethal dog, especially for it's size and it's head and jaws are stronger than any dog besides a Rottie. It is sheer self-serving stupidity to keep comparing them to Poodles and other ill-tempered dogs. People don't own Poodles for the same reason people own Pit Bulls. I love dogs, but I can also be honest about the lethality of a Pit Bulls versus a Poodle or a Lab. Either BAN Pit Bulls or register them like a handgun.

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  • Pit bulls are not dangerous.

    It depends on how the dog is trained. If the pit bull is trained into fighting they will be dangerous. However, if they pit bull is raised with a nice family then the dog will not be dangerous. In fact, the pit bull used to be called the "Nanny Dog" because it would watch over the children.

  • No, not at all

    If you think a Pit Bull is dangerous, but have never met one before, then your need to definitly reconsider! Pit Bulls are amazing family dogs, I've owned many Pit Bulls through my life, and so has my family. And none of us have ever been harmed by one of our dogs! The only reason people have been harmed by Pit Bulls is because they aggravated it, or that dog had been trained to harm, such as dog fighting Pit Bulls. So, like I said, if your hating on the breed, than you need to definitly reconsider, and stop spread ignorant rumors about the breed!

  • They actually aren't

    In fact a golden retriever, a "nicer" dog, according to society, has the most reports for dog bites/attacks annually, more than any other dog including an APBT. You never hear about it because they are seen as nice or when the news does cover it, they just say dog attack. The whole idea that a pit bull is dangerous and aggressive and blah blah blah is all media hype. Do your research!

  • They aren't more likely to be aggressive than any other dog

    Just do your research with an unbiased mind and try to form an opinion based on facts from both sides. Pit bulls do not have an automatic locking jaw. There are actually several different breeds called "pit bulls". Most attacks are attributed to pit bulls if the breed is unknown or uncertain. Pit bulls are often not registered or registered as another breed because of the enormous social stigma and increased liability, insurance, etc. associated with the "pit bull". These dogs were used as search and rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs, therapy dogs, and actors several decades ago. Dogs do not inherently know the difference between right and wrong. The media has been known to sensationalize "pit bull" attacks and downplay other attacks. No comprehensive and unbiased studies have ever been conducted on the nature of pit bulls or the prevalence of pit bull attacks. Any dog will become aggressive if mistreated. Criminals were originally attracted to the pit bull because they were intelligent, loyal, eager to please, and easily trainable.

    These are all some facts that you can use to form your own opinion. Feel free to do your own research.

  • Just like children, they become the way they were raised to be by their owners.

    I have owned many pit-bulls in my life alongside small and big dogs, not one of them has harmed any of my other pets. If any dog is raised up in an abusive environment they are going to be mean. If a child is raised up in the same kind of environment they could have some of the same character flaws as found in these dogs. Simply said, if it is treated like trash it will be nothing more than trash, if raised and loved and cared for, it will do as it is taught. I would like to see some research on what kind of homes these dogs come from, before anyone points fingers at these dogs.

  • Sweet-tempered Dogs Bred as Companions

    Contrary to what most people think, the term "pit bull" doesn't actually refer to a specific breed, much less a solitary breeding purpose. In fact, the term is applied to three (or more) distinct breeds, most of whom were bred as family companions (especially to protect children), hunting/herding dogs (both of which need to not randomly chase other animals), guarding, and, yes, fighting. There's no such thing as a dog "bred only to fight." In fact, today, one of those breeds-- the highly recognizable American Pit Bull Terrier-- is considered to have been bred to the point that they make poor guard dogs because they're excessively friendly with strangers.

    When tested individually and in groups, those three breeds tend to actually have better temperament scores than the average dog, and dog groups studied by scientists over a large period of time showed no significant amount of danger to humans or other pets. So why are pit bulls mentioned so often as killers? Well, we're back to the point that the term pit bull doesn't refer to a single type of dog. Other large breeds, including black labs, rottweillers, some shepherds, even some sled dogs like huskies are often called pit bulls when they attack, because people have been told that big attacking dog = pit bull.

    Similarly, when we hear about pit bulls attacking someone, the assumption is that it was a vicious, unprovoked assault. On closer examination, you'll find stories like police calls for a vicious dog... Who was found by the officer on the scene to be the victim of children around the neighborhood taunting him and throwing glass bottles at them. Thankfully, the cop was able to call him over, calm him down, and take him away. After spending a little bit at the shelter, said pit bull was adopted by said cop.

    Media perceptions shape a lot of our world, unfortunately for the worse in many cases. It's more important to look at scientific studies, breed information, and history to make your decision.

    As for me, I've raised two clear pit bull mixes, one of whom was severely swatted around by one of our kittens, on the nose, enough to draw blood. Today, we've trained that kitten to be nicer to dogs... And the dog loves all of the cats. The plural of anecdote may not be data, but they can serve as examples.

  • My girlfriend's pit bull is BY FAR the nicest, sweetest, least violent dog I have ever known.

    Are black people more dangerous than white people? How is it that anyone can call that question bigoted but not the current question at hand? It is ridiculous.
    I have been bitten by 5 other breeds over the past 25 years.
    I fear for my life when I walk down my alley because there is a German Shepard that wants to kill me. Two doors down from that is a Lab that nipped me immediately after it's owner told me it was nice. There is an Australian Cattle Dog / Chow mix not far away that bit a kid (he picked up it's bone) and I KNOW what would happen if that was our Pit Bull. Our dog would have looked at him to see which way he was going to throw it.

  • No. From daily dog park patron.

    I have been visiting dog parks all over the Phoenix area for close to twenty years. I have seen and got to experience many different breeds. I currently own a half pit. Pits are no more dangerous than any other breed. My pit is completely harmless. There is nothing you could do to get her to bite. The owners are the problem. The dogs that are most likely to bite are those that are fearful due to their owner not socializing them properly. The owners that are afraid to let their dogs off the leash at dog parks because they might be attacked don't understand pack behaviour. Dogs quickly determine the pecking order and injuries rarely occur.

  • "pitbulls" its just the bad connotation

    After a research project I did in high school, I concluded that by facts, and by many test and breaks in the myths that were taken by American temperament testing, American canine association etc and they concluded that no the American pitbull terrier is not any more then any other dog. As well as the fact that I own 4 pitbulls my own and they are the sweetest dogs I have had and have never had a problem with them and agression etc..

  • the most misunderstood breed of dog

    Not all pitbulls are dangerous. They are only dangerous when they are raised like that. If a pitbull grows up in a happy, good, nice environment they wouldn't be dangerous. But if they grew up in a horrible, bad, environment they would be dangerous because that is how they were raised so not all pitbulls are dangerous

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