• Haha this is amazing

    100% yes. That is amazing. No matter what you hear, pit bulls do not "snap" unless they are annoying, but it comes with plenty of warning and is very uncommon, unless the dog was not raised properly. If you're looking into adopting a pit bull, they do need 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise everyday.

  • Two Personal Experiences

    I used to have an Am Staff who was so sweet that if you had food in your fist he would only pry your hand open with his tongue, never using his teeth ever.
    My friend had a pit bull who saved her next door neighbors children when two guys broke into the house while the baby sitter was nest door. Standing in front of the two very young children and growling every time they got close until they left.

  • Any dog is a good dog with the RIGHT owner

    We need to educate people on dogs, not breeds, and how to be a good owner. Any dog has the potential to bites but a good owner can read their dogs and can understand when their dog is saying they don't want to be bothered. DON'T TIE YOUR DOG UP, GET THEM FIXED, AND SOCIALIZE THEM. Forcing an owner to not socialize a dog is about the worst thing we can do to prevent dog bites.

  • There the best.

    I have three pitbulls.. They are the most loving innocent dogs ever. Ill forever be a voice for pitbulls now. I used to not really like them, then I got offered one for free, and I took her. She was the most absolute best dog I've ever had. She not only obeys, she greets me with kisses and a huge smile on her gorgeous face. You know when she annoys me? When she begs for attention and snuggles with me and takes my whole bed, now it just got to a point to where I love being the one hanging off the bed to give my baby's all the room. I have friend that was terrified of pit bulls, I told him about mine and now he's about to buy one of my dogs puppies. Also my dogs always know when I'm sad, they come up to me whining and licking my face and laying there head on me. Its a great stress reliever and I couldn't ask for any better dogs. So are Pit bulls good dogs? Dang right.

  • They are so playful

    My pit bull is such a great dog she does not bite you unless you are playing with her but she does know when to stop and not to bite to hard. That is an example of a great dog people can say what they want to say but how you determine a dogs aggression is only how you raise them and how you treat them daily you have to feed them 3 or maybe even four times a day and good portions of a meal, they have feelings to treat them like you would your own kid or brother or sister. That is what I feel about pit bulls but others have their own opinions. Thank you I hope that you have a nice day.

  • We Adopted Two from the ASPCA

    They are incredibly affectionate toward each other and toward my wife and I. One was badly abused and was really sad when we adopted him at 7 months old, now he is bouncy, bright and loves to have fun. They play well with other dogs, when we go on vacation we board them at a place with a big grassy area where they run around and play with all kinds of different dogs. We have had 8 dogs of all shapes and sizes since we were married, and these two are the most social and fun.

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