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  • Pitbulls are not mean

    Pitbulls are just misunderstanded animals. Its never the animals, its the owners mistreating them and that is why they act the way they do. I have an american bully and because her ears are cut people assume she is mean. A police guard even looked at her and all she wants is love. Pitbulls are the most lovable animals but if you treat them wrong then they will act badly

  • Pit bulls are mistreated animals.

    People fear Pit bulls due to their size and looks. I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes think that, but whenever I think back to my old days when my per Pit bulls were still alive, they're such cute animals. This generally applies to all dogs, the truth is, they attack viciously for many reasons, and one is for protection. Whenever you meet a stray Pit bull (or any dog in general), they tend to be vicious. Yeah, sometimes they have rabies, blah, blah, blah, but they're simply trying to protect themselves. Whether you like it or not, there's always going to be those people, who abuse their pets; dogs are just an example of many. This stray Pit bull has the mindset, after being abused for so many years, that humans are untrustworthy, they going to hurt me, torture me. There's nothing wrong with that, it is completely true. So, what if the Pit bull still attacked even though it had a nice owner? Easy answer. It's just trying to protect it's owner from possible intruders. I recommend getting Pit bulls as a pet if you don't already have one. Especially since they're willing to die for you in many situations. All I see when I look at Pit bulls are cute dogs that easily forgive humans despite being treated so harshly. What's so scary?

  • It all depends on the way they are raised!

    I have met the sweetest pit bulls before, and also some not so nice ones. It all depends on the way they were raised! A vicious owner ends up with a vicious dog, and kind owners end up with wonderful dogs. Some say it's in their blood, but don't humans have aggression in their blood too?

  • It's Not Their Fault.

    People always see one side on the news, the bad side. Pitbulls are nice animals their not born vicious killing machines their born cute little puppies so don't blame the pitbulls blame the owners that train them that way! I love Pitbulls
    -Awkward Poptart . . . . . .

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