Are pitbulls really aggressive, or just misunderstood?

  • Pit bulls have ferocious tendencies

    I know two stories of pit bulls who have attacked people: The first I heard while in elementary school; a boy was riding his bike and was mauled by three pit bulls. He needed to have surgery to repair his injuries. And the second happened in Virginia; a woman was mauled by her two own pet pit bulls. Ever since I heard the first story, I have been very wary of pit bulls.

  • Pit-bulls are very much misunderstood.

    Really this just depends on how they are treated while they are being raised. If you raise a pit-bull to be a aggressive guard dog then when they grow up they will most likely stay that way. Versus if you raise it to be a sweet dog, then it will most likely grow up that way. These dogs are loyal to their owners, which means they will follow their owners example, this is why I blame the owners, not these poor victims.

  • They are misunderstood, but they're more aggressive than other breeds.

    I'm not gonna say they all are killers, or that they wanna eat your child, but pit bulls were bred SPECIFICALLY to fight other dogs. They were a breed made to be irrationally brave against things even bigger than it, but also have a very strong bite. They were MADE to be aggressive. Of course, if raised and trained properly they will not go ahead and bite random people, but the thing is that other breeds do not need any special care or training to be safe around other dogs and people. They are aggressive, they can be controlled, people shouldn't be scared of a pitbull with a good owner, but should probably not piss it off if it's alone or with a psycho mofo owner.

  • These are sweet kind animals! Just very misunderstood!!!!!!!

    Today, pitbulls are largely misunderstood and mistreated, because of irresponsible human behavior. Humans started adopting or buying pitbulls and raising them the wrong way, which involved abuse. Pitbulls started attacking back, but this was not the way humans saw it. Humans thought that the pitbull was a bad, dangerous, and mean species. However, the truth why pitbulls are mistreated is because they are too loyal. The people who abuse, mistreat, and the take the fact that pitbulls are so loyal for granted are the people who are most likely going to get attacked. This is because pitbulls want to follow the path their owners are taking. Pitbulls don’t want to fight, they just want to please their owners. This is why they are used as fighting dogs. Because of 1 attack in the nearly 18 million pitbulls in the world, people take it so seriously even when they don’t have the whole story. Sometimes they might not realize that some of the story is not sensible. With the right amount of training, their aggressive behavior can be tamed. At the heart, pitbulls are sweet, kind, and very obedient.

  • No they aren't

    They are totally misunderstood. The only reason people think they are aggressive is because when humans adopted them sometimes, they would train them to be vicious. So, everyone started to assume that pitbulls are very mean but its a very common misunderstanding because of the people who adopted the pitbulls and abused them to be vicious.

  • They are dogs.

    They are what they are raised to be. Sure, some breads are more able to be vicious but that does not determine what they can be. My parents bread German Shepherds for extra money. This is also a bread known for being attack dogs. One of my first memories as a child was one day when I was playing in the yard with two of them, I decided to check out the corn field. Both of them followed me as I wandered around the field. Eventually, I got tired and decided to take a nap. From what I was told, most of the neighboring town was out looking for me when one of the searchers heard one of the dogs bark. At first, when he approached me, the dogs were in defense mode but quickly backed off when they knew the person was there to help. The fact is, the whole time I was out in the field alone. I wasn't afraid. Not of the unknown dangers in the dark and especially not of the dogs. On the other hand, I also had a friend who had a Lhasa Apso. A dog that looks like a mop head and not know for aggression at all. One two occasions, he got his face too close to the dog and it bit him in the mouth both time. After the second time, his parents told him they found a new home for him. Well, that's what they told him anyway.

  • No because their cute and kind

    Their inteligent creaters and are miserable if their misunderstood and i dont like how we treat them and i find it not fair. We are all animals and we all deserve respect like i give to my cousins and friends. Their loving and kind. We dont need to beat them and hurt them because their oh so cute when the owner is nice and gentle (and that is very very rare!!!!!!)

  • Hi peoples of this world

    Pit bulls are really cool. I don't have a pit bull. I have never actually seen a pit bull. I like dogs so therefore i like pit bulls. I am a really cool person so you should probably listen to me xD. Jk i just want to change the percentage. I know im really dumb, leave me alone :(

  • Pitbulls are being misunderstood.

    Pitbulls are dogs just like every other dog. The reason some can be mean is because the owners miss treat them. Yes of course when they are mean you have to watch out even sometimes i'm scared of pit bulls. But I know many Pitbulls that are super sweet and loving. Just because some pitbulls can be mean it doesnt mean all of them are.

  • Of course not!

    Pit bulls are one of the most patient breeds out there! Yet are abused and fought the most. It's sad seeing how many people are misinformed by the news and media about this sweet breed. Pit bulls are so sweet and soft when trained right, if only people gave them a chance.

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