Are planarians secretly unicellular hive organisms in a single "body", Almost like a sponge?

Asked by: mrmaninblack
  • They are bigger than earthworms, Yet lack the complex biology of an earthworm

    Think about it. Earth worms have incredibly complex biology compared to planaria. This is because an earth worm is a single, Whole individual organism. They cannot be split in half and then grow another worm. Rather, They require complex organs and systems to regulate their bodies, Because they have cell differentiation that requires different nutrients and activation at different times, Whereas planarians can regenerate a whole "body" from a single cell, Therefore bypassing the need for complex biology.

    Since each cell in the planarian is an individual organism, They all require the same nutrients. Any "cell differentiation" within the planarian "body" is either non-living cells (humans have them, They're blood cells, Eggs, Sperm, Etc) or just living cells that enter into a different "mode". . . If you will.

    The larger an animal gets the more cells it is forced to grow to be able to support it's weight and biological functions. Cell differentation increases with the need for higher levels of movement and capability, Thus, Making organs and other systems more complex.

    I just wanted to know what other people thought about this. Thanks.

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