• Yes they are

    Plasma tv's are on the way out with the continual price drops of 4k and oled tv's. These new types of tv provide a better viewing quality and use less energy than a plasma tv. They have the ability to be curved which Plasma tv's don't which is also decreasing there popularity

  • No one is buying them anymore.

    Plasma televisions are definitely on their way out. Several manufacturers have already stopped making them, Panasonic recently announced they would no longer make plasma televisions. I think they are still technically better, but they are much more expensive, and use more power, and no one wants them anymore now that LCD screens have become so good.

  • Plasma TV's are on their way out.

    There are several reasons why plasma TVs might be disappearing. For starters, their LED/LDC TV counterparts are larger, more cost effective, and better marketed. They also have some draw backs, like despite their smaller screen size, they are comparatively heavier. They are also known to use more power then other TVs. While the most likely culprit, heralding in the end of Plasma, is the ever fatal "Consumer opinion." It just seems that people don't have as much faith in them.

  • Yes, Plasma TVs are old technology.

    I do not think that Plasma TVs will be around for much longer. Now that we have LED TVs that are really affordable, not to mention cheap LCD TVs, why buy a Plasma? They produce a lot of heat, use lots of electricity, and they burn images on the screen. With all these cons and not many worthwhile pros, I think that the majority of consumers will bypass Plasmas. The writing is already on the wall for Plasmas, as there are some TV manufacturers who do not make Plasmas anymore. I give Plasma TVs a few more years, but after that I think that they will be obsolete.

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