• Because why nor

    Because if ur poor you wil need to have the free shitty rubbish bags and if ur poor you wont be able to afford thse new stronger and more efficenet pieces of shit. So theoretically a+b=C squared so yea these new plastic bags wnt help at all and will be stupid.

  • Plastic bag bans help the environment.

    We use way too many plastic bags in the United States (and probably around the world). There are huge patches of trash floating in our oceans, most of which are composed of plastics including bags. They are horrible for the environment. Banning them in favor of paper or reusable bags is the best.

  • Yes, plastic bag bans are beneficial.

    I believe that banning plastic bags would be very beneficial in our society. Plastic bags cause more waste and pollution and are very unnecessary. Using our own bags or bags made from organic materials would be easier as well as help to not cause pollution. Also, plastic bags could be harmful to small animals and children. Getting rid of them would eliminate that threat.

  • There are many other things we could be doing that would be much more beneficial.

    I do not believe they are. If you work out the amount of plastic in a plastic bag, it is insignificant compared to the amount of plastic surrounding the food being carried inside the bag. Why not make people bring their own plastic milk cartons to the supermarket, instead of their own plastic carrier bags. I bet that would reduce the amount of waste 100 fold!

  • They are only beneficial to paper bag suppliers.

    The only person that these bans are beneficial to are paper bag suppliers. I am not a believe in global warming, so the environmental angle does not work on me. The problem that they are trying to combat is pollution, and the easiest way to stop that is more prevalent trash cans.

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