• Yes It Is

    Everytime I hear about a brand knew Pokemon game, me and other people around the world are excited to get new Pokemon games. I am 12 years old and obsessed with Pokemon so it makes since that I obsess everytime I see a new Pokemon game. But I'm not the only one to obsess over a new Pokemon game. When I go online, people all over the world say how they just urge to already get the new Pokemon game already. So I hope my response actually proves how Pokemon actually took over the gaming world.

  • No... What kind of question is this?

    Of course it has not taken over the gaming world. Sure, it has left an impact on it, but it doesn't mean that everyone suddenly throws out their old games and starts playing Pokemon. The idiot who said yes is literally 12 years old, and he doesn't even know what he is talking about. Yes; lots of people talk about pokemon, but they talk about other games too.

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