• Police Corruption- definitely!

    I was arrested for standing up for others that were getting arrested for no reason. They said they arrested me for "public indecency" and later was changed to "public intoxication". I was not intoxicated whats so ever and just stated my opinion. Male cop tried searching my purse but i stopped him since that is illegal, he cant do that only a female can search a female. More people are starting to realize how badly our cops abuse their power and i hope that people will soon fight back for their rights.

  • Money and the power

    If anyone is interested in studying how money corrupts, they need look no further than the current state of US law enforcement. If your priorities are writing tickets and making quota to make money for your city and state, then you tend to look at the honest, working public as a secure food source. And it doesn't help that the police are generally useless in most ways that matter to the everyday, tax-paying citizen. These alone puts the police in an adversarial relationship with the general public.

  • Cops Are Delusional

    Just want to say I have voted republican since I was 18 and am now 46. I have watched Fox News since day one. But after seeing how they reacted to the cops being killed I see who they really are. They are elitist and so are the cops. All others are the lesser class. Cops feel we should bow down and worship them. How dare us say anything against them. They are only revenue generators for the court system. I have seen all I need to see personally and can not believe it. I can't believe it. The cops get away with everything and the prosecuters and judges only encourage it. The court system is a joke. The black people, the poor, the cops target. They do not care a thing about protecting and serving. That is not why they become cops. They become cops because they want to live in a pretend world were they can believe they have a job that makes them the most important person on this earth therefore they are better than anyone else. They think they are smarter than anyone else and know whats best for everyone else because they are so much smarter. Oh no, we can't think for ourselves. To protect this image they will do pretty much anything. If you don't think cops are corrupt, you are a cop, in denial or have yet to have an experience with them to open your eyes. I can tell you so many true life stories. It is so sad.

  • Why are they Armed so Heavily?

    First of all, one just needs to look on the news for evidence of Police Brutality. Secondly, instead of changing their ways, the police has armed themselves more heavily. Don't believe me? Look up, Police Tank. Why do police officers need a tank that is armored against RPG's. I would hope that if a situation got that bad, that we would have the national guard instead of the police. The police are arming themselves to protect themselves against citizens. Just my two cents.

  • They need a psychological exams.

    Police people need to be psychologically examined almost as hard as a military sniper because some people lose their anger or sanity very easily when it comes to people not complying. I have never met a bad police officer personally, but my friends have and I even saw one of them being shoved unceremoniously out of school. Yes, I know some suspects struggle a lot but there is absolutely no need to whip out a taser or stick and beat them senseless. Maybe a sharp thwack, but not ten to the head! I am well aware that there are many good, and honest police people, and one even gave a stuffed animal, but I see more, and more of the brutish ones coming out and abusing their power. As I said before, they seriously need to be put through mental and emotional tests about personality, triggers, and if they are composed enough to wield a lethal weapon, and don't black out from rage if no one listens to their authority, or have any mental disorders like schizophrenia. Also they needed to be tested if they deserve the job like answering morale questions honestly, not just looking sharp and following orders, but by character and integrity,

    Posted by: Fre
  • Easily abusable power.

    Its an indisputable fact that power generally (emphasis on generally) causes corruption, either minor or major. Hand a morally unproved man/woman the power to essentially get away with breaking the law and dawn the law hammer based on their judgement alone is a bad idea from the start. Many people are corrupt, especially if it benefits them and doesnt cause "too much" damage to the victim. People generally tend to have a moral line that tends to include at least minor gain for someone elses loss. Giving someone a badge doesnt just change them into a good person, all you did was create a weapon that could harm just as easily as help. A little off topic, on the gun control spectrum of debate, how is it seen as okay by most gun control activists to give cops deadly weapons but not civilians? People are obviously under the shallow impression that cops are much better people than you or I... How does that make any sense... The point is cops have way too much power for how minimally their background and psychology is looked at. May as well walk around handing random people guns and the power to use them at will with little to no consequence when a lot of those people are possibly NOT "good" people.

  • My GIrlfriend was raped

    I would agree that not all are corrupt, however, this event angers me. She was raped at UWSP. She got a rape kit done at the hospital, then the police found out and then the campus found out. Turns out his family is rich and they paid off everyone involved, including the police. I went to the campus and exposed him, however all that happened was I was kicked off campus and he still lives 3 doors down from my gf. I joined the Navy to stop these things from happening, but now I feel so powerless.

  • More than people know

    My best friend was a police chief. Turns out he was raping his 6 year old daughter. He didn't lose his job or get any jail time. His officers covered for him and the local judge ordered him to take one class. I haven't talked to him since.
    My neighbor works at the federal prison. He constantly brags about how he beats inmates for sport. And makes visitors pay him to visit inmates.

    They both disgust me!

  • Yep! Cheaters and liers

    My ex is a cop who was physically and mentally abusive. He even attacked me while I was holding our child. He was arrested and ordered to anger management. Do you think he lost his job? Oh no he's still walking around with a gun. Like him so many of his friends are cheaters and abusers. Very scary to think.

  • Absoultly-Absoulty-YES THEY ARE CORRUPT

    I worked in the buisness for 20 years, I saw the abuse. A lot of in house abuse towards each other as well. I've been abused by 4 officers over the past 2 years & the departments cover for the Badge! Formal complaints fall on very deef ears unless you have an attorney or claim that is news worthy!

  • About cops, by a cop

    I have been a cop for 16 years. Do I think there are too many men and women wearing a badge for the wrong reason? Of course I do. The problem with most of the arguments about cops being corrupt is that its a generalization about the whole profession based on a few examples. One "bad" cop is too many but there are far more good ones who go to work everyday and conduct themselves professionally and hold themselves to a much higher standard than even the most dedicated member of the ACLU would hold them to. Good cops don't make headlines. No one wants to read or hear about the officer who, with no protection, went into a burning house or worked on a burning car to save a person he/she didn't know. I am also a teacher. I instruct new officer candidates in their basic law enforcement training. I, along with other instructors, have been responsible for removing many candidates who we felt were not a good fit, such as being heavy handed or condescending. We do everything we can to protect our profession. Let's face it, there are good and bad doctors, lawyers, teachers, cooks, firemen, roofers, mechanics, etc... When I take my car to be fixed and it turns up back in the shop a month later for the same thing, I don't scream that all mechanics are crooks. If I receive bad service at a restaurant, I tell the manager. The infamous "blue wall of silence" just doesn't exist. A lot of agencies have a citizen's police academy. I think it would open a lot of eyes if more citizens participated in those classes. My final point, there is a reason officers are heavily armed and protected. We don't have the option of losing. We must win every fight. When we lose it is catastrophic. But, don't judge us just because of the clothing we wear. Polyester just doesn't hold up as well as you might think. Its not US AGAINST THEM. WE ARE CITIZENS FIRST, COPS SECOND.

  • Not all police are corrupt

    Some police may be corrupt, but not all police are corrupt. There are unfair incidents that may happen, but that does not effectively represent all police officers. Most people would say, and I quote, "F*** the police" because they broke the law and got caught and just don't want to suffer the consequences. If you abide the law you will not have problems with corrupt cops simple as that.

  • You're kidding, right?

    For goodness sake, people! The police are the best and boldest in this country! I am friends with the sheriff here in the county, and he says that yes, there are corrupt cops, but they almost always catch them in the act. Over all, the police force is made up of good men and women who put others over themselves.

  • Most are hard working people who put their lives on the line for you.

    The only reason that people say that police officers are corrupt is because of what they see on the news. Have you ever seen a headline saying, "Police Officer Prevents Possible Crime"? No, of course you don't because the media only cares about things that will make good stories like excessive force and planting evidence. There are definitely some corrupt police officers who think that they are above the law and that they can write you a ticket for the slightest infraction but that doesn't mean that most police officers are. Someone who voted yes says that 95% of the police officers are corrupt and couldn't care less if you got robbed. Than why is it that no one has ever broken into my house or anyone else's house on my street? If what you said was true than it would surely be a major problem in the US.

  • Most police officers do are not.

    In a nation of hundreds of thousands of sworn police officers, there are bound to be a few bad ones. But does that make every officer corrupt? Of course not. The media jumps on every instance of police brutality because that's the stuff people will want to read about and listen to. And when most people see something a few times in the news, they just assume its a problem without stepping back and thinking about it. When a teacher abuses one of his students do we say all teachers are out there to get kids? No, because we know most teachers want to make a positive impact. It's just a very small few that f*** up. There are good and bad in every profession. It's just when a bad police officer comes forth the media pounces all over it and society buys into the false notion that police are inheritantly corrupt.

  • Police put their life on the line daily

    Police officers put their life on the line daily, they go to work not knowing what they will run into. They walk away from their families not knowing if they will come home after their shift. Those who advise they have been arrested by a corrupt police officer ask yourself this ... What did you do to get the police involved in your life? If you're an honest citizen not doing any harm to yourself or others (drugs, abuse, speeding, etc.) then you should never have the police involved in your life. They protect our cities, a good an honest officer would never take an oath and put his own job on the line to cover up another officer or plant false evidence. Those that say police are corrupt are those that have taken a wrong turn in life and don't want to blame themselves so they blame the good guys.

  • Think people of what your saying.

    All you people that say cops aren't corrupt prove my point. Your main point is that not all of them are. Your wrong they might not be corrupt, but they work with or know someone who is and don't do anything to stop or change them. Because they know they will not be listened to. The system is broken and needs a major over haul. There will be a tipping point where people will say enough is enough. I know they are a vital part for big cities and prevention of crime. But think of all the innocent people they have killed, abused, and put away on false chargers and evidence. One person is too many for Christ sake. All you saying no won't say that once you experience or someone you love or know goes through it. Reconsider your thinking because people like you are the problem, your defending them or justifying there action. We all need to unite and demand a stop or nothing will ever change. And you will also be guilty of all the innocent people they hurt and how will you sleep with yourself once you wake up to the reality of what's happening.

  • Are ALL police corrupt? No

    But there are plenty out there who do abuse their power as officers of the law, the right to carry a gun, the right to arrest, the right to issue a ticket, but society needs to understand two things: one, that not all police are corrupt, that there are plenty of good and honest hard working police officers who want to make a positive difference, and two, that there are laws that make up the society and they have to follow those rules, without rules, we become like animals, the police are here to enforce those rules.

  • Police Officers are the most important part in your life.

    Look at cities like Detroit or Flint. Each of those cities have been over run by criminals, because there is not enough police officers. My father is a police officer and is in SWAT. Each day he works every day and night keeping people like you safe. Shame on anyone who voted yes.

  • Not All Of Them Are Corrupt

    It is the case of a few rotten apples spoiling it for everybody else. Most cops work hard and hold to a strong ethical standard. Yet, the few abusive ones ruin are the ones that get headlines. Plus, it also depends on the culture of their department. Some police departments are dysfunctional and need to be reformed. Still, you can't paint everything into one yes or no answer.

    Posted by: rpr

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