• Im bored as fuck so i agree

    To pac alive all cops die stop sucking dick and stop being a prick real niggas don't die so stop triping legends are lessons and booty is booty idk why im saying this but stop criticizing cop all i no is death comes to those who wait and those who wait stop discrminating

  • Go on a ride-along!!

    Some say that Officers are overpaid because they choose that profession knowing exactly what they were getting into. What does that have to do with how much they get paid? I have a Police Officer friend who has 2 days off a month. He donates money and time to coach kids baseball in between shifts. Instead of sleeping after working 13 hours he is helping keep kids out of jail and in school. He buys equipment from his own dime. Yet, he has a pair of holy 4 year old boots that he just keeps wearing since his job does not provide boots for him and he even had to pay for his own uniform. I asked him about the boots and he replied that little Dylan does not have a glove. He always puts others before him, even when they are not his kids. Sure, he knew what he was getting into. He has been shot, stabbed and been assaulted many times. He has the battle scars to prove it. Just because he knew what he was getting into does not mean that you don't deserve more money. Are taxes are mismanaged by the government and not distributed where it should be. Yes, Police Officers are extremely underpaid. They have no quotas. When you see them "talking on the side of the road" they are sharing information on report writing or planning hoe to best and safely execute and arrest warrant. You think they are not underpaid, please go on a ride along for a day and the let me know what you think!

  • Yes, giving their life to keep you safe!

    It just does not make sense that people that who are professional sportsmen get paid millions to entertain us but, police officers get paid in the THOUSANDS to upkeep the law in society, to keep us safe from harmful situations and to possibly give up their life for it. This country's leadership needs to seriously evaluate the citizens worth that keep law in order!

  • Yes, they are underpaid.

    Police officers are putting their lives on the line every day. I say they either get paid more or get some benefits like the military. If more cops got paid more, I know for a fact that they would care that much more and they would try harder to keeping their community safe.

  • They are underpaid

    They are underpaid because 1. They risk their lives and 2. They are going to be chasing some people who make lots of money illegally. By paying them well, the temptation will be greatly reduced and can curb police corruption. They are a group that helps protect us from extremist views of domestic terrorists (in USA) and by doing so they should be paid more.

  • Well DUH They Are

    Police officers are extremely underpaid and deserve more since we sit at home or at offices while they are in shootouts hostage situations and many of them die. I think only the dumbest man in the world and maybe not even him would think that police officers are not underpaid.

  • Yes, Extremely Underpaid!!

    Mostly all Cops work second partime jobs just to make ends meet. I have a friend who is a Police officer and he only has two days off a month. He needs to work that many hours just to be able to provide the basics for his family and he has a six year degree. I kinda feel bad for he always seems so tired.

  • Yes, considering dangers

    There are many police officers who risk a lot of things to keep order in a community, especially more dangerous communities. Being a policeman/woman can be very demanding, and their job takes a lot of bravery. Their paycheck should reward them. For people who say that all cops do is drive around to arrest people, there are many cops who do what's right. There was one policewoman who told me that if I went straight to renew my tags right away, then she wouldn't fine me. She wasn't trying to leech money from me, she was trying to help me. Policemen should be paid more.

  • Yes, given the risks

    Police work has been said to be 99% boredom/monotony, 1% sheer terror. It's the 1% they get paid for. Also, police don't have the court immunity given to lawyers and judges, therefore if an officer makes a mistake, they can be personally sued. As for retirement, early retirement is key, nobody wants a 60 y/o officer fighting 20 y/o criminals.

  • Police officers are grossly underpaid!

    These brave men and women risk their lives every single time they go to work so that we as civilians can be safe. They should make a minimum of 6-figures and their retirement plan should be lucrative and early. I personally believe that street officers and the ones in the line of duty out on the street patrolling should be paid far above those sitting behind a desk.

  • No, there are things more important than money.

    It is a lost ideal that jobs such as military, firefighter, police officer, teacher, politician, social worker, and even something as simple as running a local animal rescue, are public service jobs. We understand they are "public service jobs" but I don't think we really understand what that really means anymore. You become a teacher because you want to teach our next generation and you believe you are qualified to do so, not because you want to make an easy living off of the money and benefits. You become a firefighter because you literally save things from destruction and you want to do that, not collect money. You are a social worker to help families, not to receive a huge paycheck. You run an animal rescue or a shelter because you care about the well being of things around you, not because it is a way to make a 6 figure income. You join the military (who get paid so much less for what they do) because you want to server your country, not because you expect wages that will give you a comfortable living. Frankly, it is hard as hell to live on military income, even with help, and the families don't complain, the men and women serving don't complain. You know going in that public service is tough, time consuming, sometimes dangerous work, but you do it for other reasons other than income. Do you see the trend? You decide to make a career path into a public service job to help serve the community you live in or the country you love because you want to do something greater. Not for any amount of money. Yes, money is essential to life, but there are things far greater than a paycheck. Like sacrificing your time and your energy and even putting your life in danger, just because you want to do something for the greater good of your fellow person. If the money comes, cool, that is just a benefit to the job, but if you never make a dime to put into savings, so be it. As a police officer you have already done so much more, and knowing that you have served and protected to the best of your abilities should be enough. If money was your goal, public service should not have even crossed your mind. If money was the goal, you are already corrupt. That being said, the income of a police officer varies from county to county. It is a job paid for by our taxes. If the community votes to pay their public servants more, awesome! Consider it a show of appreciation. On average, you make a pretty descent living being a cop. A ton more money than a military member (which again, is the most sacrificing of public service jobs). So no, in general officers are not underpaid. Some.. Maybe, but not majority.

  • There are too many of them

    So many police officers guard our cities, with nothing to do. We don't need as many as we have and they are quite overpaid for what they do. Sure they may face danger at some point, but the mortality rate of police officers are fairly low, nearly half of that of many other professions, such as fisherman, airline pilots, loggers and roofers. However these other professions make similar compensation, and yet they are far more labor intensive and more dangerous still. We need to have fewer, more specialized police officers that would be worth the money they are paid.

  • Police are the highest paid city workers in my city.

    Well, I would ask, how much is enough? Most people don't actually know what a cop makes because there so much propaganda. Of city employees in Stamford CT, about 98% of the top paid employees are cops, ranging from $300K for the chief of police down to the traffic cops that make around $120K -$200K with overtime. On top of that, we have lawsuits against these same cops that end up costing the city additional hundreds of thousands. Cops have unions, which nobody dares to criticize or push back against, whereas it's open season on teachers, who make a fraction of what cops make, despite doing far more good for the world. In terms of danger, we have had years where more toddlers have been shot to death than cops; it's actually a pretty safe job because they're trained and armed to the teeth and can preemptively murder anyone that shows even the slightest threat, with little risk of prosecution and conviction.

  • No, they are not

    They go into this work knowing exactly what is expected of them. They are paid better than similar workers of equally comparable risk; however, those workers don't have anywhere near the benefits that police do. Police have better benefits that just about any other workers. They get easy overtime pay, just about upon request.

  • Police Officers Get Paid Enough

    I do not think police officers are underpaid. They actually make a pretty decent salary. Let's be honest, most cops just drive around all day trying to make their ticket or arrest quota. I see cops just sitting on the side of the road hanging out and talking with other officers all the time.

  • Cops Make a Decent Salary

    According to the State Controller's Office, California police make an average of about $80, 000/yr, Or about $110, 000/yr if we include overtime, Vacation and bonuses. Even if these numbers are a little inflated, That is still a decent wage even with the risks associated with being a police officer. So cry me a river.

  • Are you kidding me? !

    Please look up the Arlington Heights police department in Illinois. On average they are making 90k a year and most of the time they are not even working. They get a ton of sick and vacation days. The cops I know that work there do not work hard at all. Like I said most work a little then get a bunch of time off, All on the tax payers dime. Just terrible.

  • Tax payer paid benefits

    They have are paid with taxpayer's money. They have ridiculously good pensions and benefits (also taxpayer paid). Not to mention the other perks (blue wall of silence that lets them get away with murder, stealing confiscated drugs and anything else) No, They do not risk their lives everyday. Most are merely revenue generators (speeding ticket traps, etc)
    While they do occasionally find themselves in dangerous situations, they're the ones with upper hand (weapons, training, etc). Plus they knew what they were getting into when they went into the field of police work. Fire fighters risk their lives and face more danger more often and they are paid less than police officers. If anything, police officers esp. Detectives and higher ups are over paid,

  • Paid too much for what they do

    Granted, police officers do have difficult jobs that may be dangerous at times. But if we want to argue from a position of logic, police officers do not hold jobs among the top 10 deadliest in America anymore. Roofers, fishermen, electricians are all more likely to die on the job than cops are, while getting paid a fraction of what cops do. So if your counterargument is "their job is unsafe so they need more compensation", electricians roofers and fishermen all need more compensation as well. Second, many police officers (not supervisors, not sergeants) rake in well over $200k including benefits, this is more than many lawyers, accountants, and teachers make. In other words, people who went through years of schooling and took a statewide certification examination are making less money than police, most of which have nothing beyond a bachelors degree and were trained in the academy for an average of 6 months. Why do police make more than military, even though a soldier is much more likely to be hurt/killed on the job?

  • No, there are things more important than money.

    I do not think police officers are underpaid. They actually make a pretty decent salary. Let's be honest, most cops just drive around all day trying to make their ticket or arrest quota. I see cops just sitting on the side of the road hanging out and talking with other officers all the time.

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