• Handcuffed old woman

    The misconception of why the majority of police want to be a policeman, is vastly misunderstood. Some join to serve their community. Some join to feel authority. Some join because they are masochist. Others join for many other reasons, good and bad. Unfortunately after a period of time, attitudes change just as in any other job. They feel they are the only ones who demand respect. And the people they work for are ignorant. Over use of force is used, they now beat and shoot innocent people without regret.

  • Yes they are.

    The police are shooting and shooting at too many unarmed citizens. If a citizen is unarmed, they do no pose as a lethal threat to an officer, so they have no reason to pull their guns and shoot the unarmed citizen. They should only shoot if the citizen has a weapon.

  • Yes, police are shooting innocent individuals at a rapid rate

    We hear on the news very often about police officers shooting unarmed and innocent people by accident at an increasing rate. It is in my opinion that these police departments should be under investigation by the Federal Government. After investigated, we need to take action and require the proper discipline and training to prevent these unarmed citizen shootings from happening again.

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