• Police quotas lead to false arrests

    FIrst of all, All of the arguments that say no are just saying that there aren't police quotas, But that's not what this is about. It's about whether or not they are unfair, And they are. If someday the crime rate temporarily goes below being able to supply a quota, False arrests WILL be made.

  • These bois unfair

    Police may be charging innocent people for petty charges or people who barely break the law, like driving 10 over the speed limit, just so that the cops can meet these quotas. Quotas would increase corruption in the police force in this way. After meeting these ridiculous quotas, the officers would not feel obligated to make anymore arrests either, which could be detrimental to our legal system. Get rekt peeps who said no.

  • States, cities, counties, hwy patrol, officers, judges, and just about anyone involved in ticketing i do believe use quotas!

    Even though these people will never admit to having quotas that need to be met, I sincerely believe this is true because of their tactics used in handing out tickets. They lie, scheme, hide behind bushes or any other structure to not be seen, and sometimes hand out tickets just because they feel like it and it's the person word against the officer's word and the officer is always right! The police are not here to protect and serve the people but rather themselves and the people who pay their salaries. They break the law also and are hardly ever charged. I know of officers who will not ticket other off duty officers or elected officials but they will ticket anyone else. I've seen officers patrolling in cars that have one headlight or a tail light on their police cars and please tell me who tickets them for these infractions because it is against the law? Any average citizen would get a ticket for a broken taillight or headlight. I've witnessed officers turn on their lights to run a traffic light or speed, only for me to see them going no further than some restaurant to meet someone or the local walmart to pick up something. How are these things fair? Do these people have more of a right to break the law than anyone else? Are there excuses any more valid than the average working person? No, they should be examples of how the law should be upheld. They ticket the average working person who is just barely getting by and can't afford to pay those tickets and sometimes end up getting their license suspended, losing their jobs and sometimes end up in jail because of this nonsense while they are living it up without any concerns at all. The actual ticket itself doesn't cost very much but after you average in all the taxes and fees and court costs that inflate the ticket then no one can really afford to pay the ticket! This is unjust and all these people on here who are saying people should stop breaking the law should investigate the people who make our laws and who are sworn to protect and serve who think they are above the law and use their office or badge to hide behind and do what they want to do! This type of thing makes me angry. The people on here commenting should really wake up and open their eyes to the reality of what's really going on around us! Point! Blank! Period!

  • Police "quotas" should not existq

    The fact that police departments all over the country are pressuring their officers to meet a "quota" is absurd and unethical. The police are on the streets for one reason: to catch lawbreakers and protect citizens. They should not invent arrests in order to fill some bogus quota set on them by a state worker. Write tickets for people breaking the law, not for your CO.

  • I don't believe they have quotas, I don't believe in special treatment either.

    If you sit and watch an intersection, and the activities going on. To the the untrained eye, nothing maybe going on. To the trained eye, a police officer for instance I'm sure all kinds of laws are being broken. AND if an officer goes back to their precinct without any violations slips or tickets issued, they haven't been doing their job. How many of you roll through a stop sign or red light? Is everything on your vehicle up to date? Are you texting and driving? Do you use your turn signal? Do you have your headlights on in the rain, while using your whippers? All of these are violations. I saw STOP thinking your above the law!

  • Don't break the law

    Many argue that when quotas are in place people get falsely arrested. It just makes lazy cops work. I promise you there is enough crime to go around for all the cops. They just have to do their job and crawl out from behind the church of which they were napping and go find it.

  • They don't have quotas.

    I have spoken to two different officers from two different areas around here and both have assured me that they do not have ticket or arrest quotas. Personally, I would not have issue with them if they did. Money from tickets go back to the city and a city need to raise money somehow. If someone is breaking the law, they deserve to pay for what they have done.

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