Are Political causes mostly decided by how much money one side has?

Asked by: 64bithuman
  • Formula for winning anything in politics = Money!

    Goldman Sachs wants Governmental protection? Easy, just "Donate" $46 Billion dollars (since 1989, true story) to whoever looks like they are going to win.

    Another Example.

    Why is Pot really still illegal, despite the fact the majority thinks it should be legal? Lobbying! For example, the House Republicans passing the ENFORCE act that allows the House or Senate to sue the President for not "faithfully execute[ing] federal laws".

    In 2013, $3.23 Billion was spent on Lobbying, and it has been at $3 Bill. Every year since 2008.

    Solution to winning a cause? Not how much "heart" you have, or who's constitutionally, or morally "right", nope, just how much you have to spend.

  • Money rules politics in America.

    Until Lobbyists and private sources of campaign financing are outlawed in the United States of America, The vast majority of its citizens will continue to be disenfranchised from their own political system. The fact that voter participation is so low should be no surprise to anyone given the near total lack of influence all but the rich political donor has in America.

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