Are political parties failing to engage with young people?

  • From an actual young person

    For many young people, there is no reason voting. We have no power in the EU, as David Cameron has demonstrated. The EU is taking more and more power as every week, whoever is the prime minister blindly gives away more power. The only two parties worth voting for are Labour and Conservative as they are the only two with a chance to get in. Labour signed the Lisbon Treaty, always gets us in debt, Conservatives sell off everything we own as a country to wealth businessmen so that they can make a huge profit and it is more expensive for normal people, our services go down as shown by the privatisation of our railways, gas, water, electricity and so on. This is why young people do not have a care. We have no influence, our country will die no matter who we vote for.

  • Yes; they are.

    Firstly, the vast majority of the voters are not young people; it's pretty obvious. If you can't see it, consider the fact that the baby boomers are a larger group, and then the elderly and everyone in between is added to this "older" generations club. Secondly, these different demographic groups have different interests which happen to be contradictory to the interests of the young people (i.E. The people who are not represented, who don't vote), e.g. here in Canada the older generations want a larger federal pension (CPP), it is certainly not possible for my generation (young) to carry such a weight in light of the economic realities of the future; another example is environmental issues in which the older people do not take seriously just due out of a past of not having to worry about that [probably, since it is a more recent public concern and is contradictory to economic growth, which the older generation consider more important, I believe]. As the future goes on and new technologies arise, when societies combine and collide there are be massive societal adjustments that need to be accounted for, which are only fully understood by the people who grew up with that new situation around them or those who watched those problems arise.

    Other things the older generation do not generally express blatant care about include population overshoot, peak oil, climate change, antibacterial resistance, economic impossibility, mass loss of biodiversity, mass loss of environments, psychological dependency on drugs, unsustainable sense of entitlement, etc,

  • Young People Are Engaged In Politics

    Political parties are not failing to engage young people. In fact, young people are engaged in politics now more than ever before. Now a days you see many young individuals discussing politics and voicing their opinions throughout social networks. In fact, on election day, my Facebook news feed was full of discussion about politics.

  • I feel that they really having attracted young people.

    Putting your advertisements into video games isn't what I would call engaging with young people, Obama. Political parties usually pick issues that impact generally various age ranges and usually forget about the youth. My advice to political parties is to concentrate on the youth early on as they will be leading the world some day.

  • Obama based his entire campaign in young people.

    Obama took control of the presidential race because he used young people to get the votes. And now our country sucks as a result of his legislation. He has no foreign policy and that is why other countries love him. China will end up taking over and reigning supreme as our leader in America.

  • No, young people are engaged in their own issues

    This past presidential election has more or less shown that young people are engaged in politics as they showed out in force to support Obama. They did so, I think, because Obama actually talked about issues young people are concerned about. If a political party has grown out of touch with the changing world, it is the young people who will know it first, and who will have no use for that political party. It is not wise for a political party to think they govern apart from the people they are governing.

  • No. They are more engaged now than ever.

    It is clear that the GOP may be struggling, but the Democratic party seems to be doing well. I would argue that the fact that turnout was still mostly up among young voters during this election shows that the 2008 banner year was not a fluke. Young people are more aware and active than before.

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