• Because oligarchs and plutocrats get behind one and rule through it.

    And as a result the Republicans have proven they are more than willing to become the Party of the rich and powerful and ensure a powerless peasant class to exploit as they please. This is why the founding fathers wanted a system of checks and balances and a democracy where all had a voice and power to enforce their interests.
    Income equality has been accelerated with Republican economic policies and its not their incompetence but their plan to entrench oligarchy, destroy the democratic process to result in an expanding a peasant class. Yet poor Republicans and Libertarians edify the rich, pay them homage and obliged plutocrats, oligarchs and transnational corporations to exploit Americans as they please. Republican voters know the GOP are not representing the best interests of all Americans and do not support the democratic process that was created by the US Constitution they claim to revere. Republican voters are fine with giving the super rich a free ride, while the rest of us pay the bills. Today's Republican Party is so extreme right Ronald Reagan would be rejected.

    Republican voters are fine with the rapidly widening wealth disparity between the rich and the rest of us . 93% of NEW INCOME is going to the wealthiest 1%, while the rest of us else divvied up the remaining 7%.Republicans are profoundly un-american because they favor oligarchy dominance over democracy with their anti-American free trade policies, tax policies that favor the rich, suppressing the vote and want to pay even less taxes although the rich are paying the lowest taxes in history compared to GDP, tax revenues to the Fed are the lowest since 1950. Republicans do not believe in investing in Americans and the infrastructure at the expense of the rich that allows them to become rich, that is un-american at best.
    When is enough be enough?

  • Parties are used as a substituent for individual though.

    Political parties are hurting American politics. We can see it in the news and our social media feeds. People treat their party like a sports team, rooting for them without understanding the parties motivation or who is backing them. They will shout down any that try to challenge their positions because they lack the knowledge to defend it properly.
    The parties of the republicans, democrats, and even the libertarian "underdogs" encourage this! They don't want an informed voter base, they want people that surround themselves in "news" that reflects what they already believe to be the truth. They want straight ticket voters. They want people that will listen to and believe whatever they tell them to.
    As a nation we need to say no more! We need an informed public capable of reading events and coming to their own conclusions, not just what their team tells them is the right one.

  • Yes it is.

    Political parties are hurting American politics. George Washington, our first president, said to never have a two party system. The two party system is not allowing the government to be as efficient as possible. It is slowing down how fast bills can be passed, and bill fail just because the other side brought it to the table.

  • This is why we can't get anything done!

    Political parties are all just a big pain in the neck. The focus of one is to destroy another's work when it comes to them. If a Democrat is a president for four years, he/she can only get so much done. If a Republican takes over after only 4 years, he/she will destroy the democrats work and start over. It just goes in circles!

  • Two parties, one bad decision.

    For as long as I can remember (I'm 22 years-old) in this country, we have been divided. Everyone seems to think they need to be conservative or liberal; a Republican or a Democrat. I will agree on the fact that, overall, the general populace has become more moderate in their beliefs. However, these people don't have a good choice when voting for a candidate. They are forced to choose more conservative or more liberal views, as opposed to finding someone they can get behind on most issues. Why is it that the presidential debates only include two parties? Are they better than the others? Absolutely not. All candidates should be at the debates and given an equal opportunity to express their views. With our country so hell-bent on picking between two evils, we're bound to stunt any kind of real progress for those of us (the majority) who view things from a more moderate standpoint.

  • Congressional Districts Getting More Extreme

    Statehouses across the United States re-draw congressional districts every 10 years. To ensure one party gets elected over another, districts are made to elect one candidate further on the left or right. In that respect, compromise is seen less and less. Two sides of the ideological spectrum get further apart. When nothing gets done, political parties who are more concerned with winning elections often hurt American politics.

  • Politicians

    Politicians are hurting what american politics are supposed to be about. They cheat lie and steal to line their pockets with cash. Mostly while stepping on the backs of the poor.Ehy this is allowed to go on is beyond me. I hate politicians, especially greedy two faced republicans who could careless about the poor.

  • Will be the doom of us

    Political parties in then United States are now just about getting into power, Always barking back and forth at each other and claiming there side is better for this country. It is rather sad that this country has fallen to this level, And we should learn how to respect each other’s differences and always try to compromise on any issue and find the common ground, Or we will wind up ultimately collapse this country on the inside rather than from foreign forces. (United we stand, Divided we fall)

  • This is only the beginning

    Inaction due to partisan politics will only get worse before it gets better. The United States will plunge into a third world country where you have to fear for your life based on your political affiliation. It’s a shame because the United States of America has the best form of government ever created. It’s not perfect but lawyers/politicians have destroyed this country’ from the inside out.

  • They are hurting

    They are because the innocent people are caught between two parties. With many people believing they are not they are not educated enough to the facts that are stated about the parties for the american people. This says a lot about the american people and the government in between enough!

  • Keeping us strong

    Political parties help us to stay a democracy and give us the opportunity to decide what we think is right. They also help us unite as people and as citizens by giving us the chance to vote for what political party we want to help run the government of the usa

  • With out political parties there wouldnt america

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  • Checking of Majoritarian Power and Support of Power/Rule of the People

    Political parties are a means to form an equilibrium between providing the masses with a political voice while checking majority rule with an intermediate step. While many complain of our country's national gridlock within the legislature, that is part of the institution created by our founding fathers. Today's parties may have taken this to an extreme, but the idea of slowing the passing of laws is one of the core roots of American politics. We have a republican form of government in order to inhibit the harms of majority rule (see Federalist Papers, namely No. 10). This gridlock inhibits common passions and impulses of the majority from sweeping the nation and intruding upon the rights of the minority.
    Additionally, although parties are often accused of reducing the general citizen's knowledge, over the past couple centuries, parties have been used to increase voter mobilization and awareness. Parties are central to most campaigning, direct and indirect. For better or worse, parties deliver most of the political knowledge the public learns. Although this knowledge may be tainted, tainted knowledge is better than no knowledge. It at least gives active citizens a chance to learn the truth and attempt to make better decisions. Taking into account Condorcet's theorem, it is immeasurably helpful for the population in general to get any sort of knowledge.
    All-in-all, although parties may be selfish, corruptible, and a bunch of unwanted bureaucracy, the bad PR they receive is a media punch in order to achieve their own goals. The common bandwagon is to hold parties in contempt; however, a closer political look at the theory and philosophy of parties, immediately reveals the many benefits they produce.

  • Our two party system may be flawed, but the idea of parties is not

    Society tries to convince us that there are three types of Americans: republicans, democrats, and the stupid people in the middle who can't make up their minds. I disagree- having the mix of all different kinds of people with different cultures and backgrounds enriches America's culture, but also makes it impossible for everything to be black or white. Yes or no, good or bad, republican or democrat just will not work for the broad spectrum of people in America. However, there are other parties out there called "third parties".

    People may run as a third-party candidate if they are not selected to be the republican/democratic candidate, or if they do not agree with the republican/democratic policies. The same as Republicans and Democrats, which party the candidate is running with tells voters a lot about their beliefs and may make it easier for them to decide who to vote for. For example, Green Party candidates care a lot about our environment. If environmental safety and protection is your main point to sway who you vote for, the Green Party candidate would probably be your best choice. With America being as lazy as it is, it is a very good thing that we can generalize candidates views. Also, parties can help support a person who would make an amazing president, but doesn't have the funds to support his campaign.

    Parties can help call the other parties' attention to issues that they are neglecting. For example, no Green Party candidate has ever actually won the presidency, but they have gotten enough votes to affect who becomes the president. In the following elections, the republican/democratic parties put more environmentally-friendly policies into their platforms.

    In conclusion, Americans should not, and are not, forced to pick between the lesser of two evils. I may not agree with Republicans vs. Democrats, but I think that the concept of political parties is a good one.

  • No, political parties are not hurting American politics.

    No, I don't believe that political parties are hurting American politics. Though many non-partisan people love to claim that political parties are bad for America, the truth of the matter is that they actually do more good than harm. With the current two-party system we have today, potential candidates must be painstakingly weeded out by the people during the primaries until we get two of the best candidates from both sides of the table. Without political parties, we would thus have a lower standard of quality and the candidates running for office would not be as qualified as they are now.

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Political parties are destroying us lets fight