Are political parties moving to the far left and far right?

  • Yes - it's becoming too radical

    There seems to be line in the sand between parties these days that is too deep. With each side constantly warring and arguing over every issue, it makes me almost want to promote the independent and libertarian parties instead of choosing a side. It's hard to tell who is right anymore, with everyone telling you who is wrong.

  • So Much for Compromise

    When political parties draw Congressional maps that favor one party over another, extremism to the far left or far right happens. Districts are drawn to ensure a GOP or Democratic victory, but at what cost? When both parties move farther apart from the center, nothing gets done in Washington. That is precisely what is going on right now when Congress doesn't pass spending bills.

  • Political parties are un-American.

    Radicalism on both ends of the spectrum is destructive. Progress comes from compromise, from understanding that we don't always get our way, that each side needs to make concessions for the good of our country. Nothing good has been done by the legislation in years because our political leaders cannot seem to reach across the aisle and work together to fix our broken nation.

  • Special Interest Forces Us Apart

    The prominence of special interest groups in America force political parties to the poles or the ends of the political spectrum in order to battle for every last dime of precious political donation. Parties also must sensationalize their stances to ensure that they are wild, frantic, or intense enough to guarantee themselves a moment on the evening news.

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