Are political parties necessary to run governments?

  • They are Necessary

    I t h i n k t h a t t h e y a r e n e c e s s a r y f o r a w e l l - r u n c o m m u n i t y a n d s m o o t h g o v e r n m e n t.

  • Yes they are a basic function

    Political parties of course are necessary to run governments they are an essential part of the system. Without out these political parties how would a government run in the first place? There of course has to be someone there to help run the whole system. Where would the function come from?

  • Useless selfish idiots

    Each and every department in a government can be run by specialists from their respective field of work which are often professionals i.e. lawyers, engineers, accountants, economists, town planners and etc. I personally believe that the professional ethics and conducts of working professionals are much higher than politicians. Politicians often cause more problems than they solve. Why? Because they don't have the slightest clue on what they are doing in the first place. The role of politicians in modern governments is mainly to function as the "middle-man" between actual experts and the general public. For example, let's say a particular government wants to develop a certain region within its own country using public funds. In-depth studies and master plans are usually done by experts from various fields before the actual implementation of the plans and finally the politician in-charge would get the final credit. In a corrupted government, the politician in-charge would often "fine-tune" the plans to suit his interests. And this my friend, is how a plan that was supposed to serve the public well turned into a piece of crap that destroys the lives of millions.

  • Conflicting and divisive

    Elected members of government represent their constituents. And they should govern based on their needs. Having a set platform and basically rules of the party are not in the best interest of We the People. Once in Congress like minded members can band together for common issues and then disband for the next issues. Straight up and Down voting represents the electorate.

  • Useless and hindering

    No, there is no way that political parties are useful or necessary in any way for countries or governments. Think of democrats and republicans, or any country's political parties for that matter like a donkey and an elephant fighting in the zoo. It causes destruction and it forces the zoo to close down. It's bad for business and people get hurt. That's what the deal is with political parties. It hinders progress for prosperity in the United States. It causes deadlock when the Executive and Legislative branch have opposite parties. Because the parties are constantly bickering and disagreeing with each other, nothing can get done. And the horrible thing is that Americans treat it like a pride to be part of a political party. It is murdering the basic belief of the United States- United as one. Hands down, splitting the United States into two is possibly the worst decision on both the government and people's part in the history of the United States of America.

  • The political parties make our country to indecisive because they are not needed.

    The parties bring to much dysfunction into our country. They are a distraction in our government and hold up issues in our country that need to be addressed. Everyone has a right to his or her beliefs. When your working for the government you need to be in the office for the good of the American people and not your party name. We would have more accomplishment in our government if all party names were removed because they really don't matter when it comes down to the real issues in our country that need to be addressed and resolved. People need good paying jobs, affordable housing, affordable food ect.. And we don't need to hear or care about your political blame games that your parties are doing or not doing. All people in the government are elected by the people, without us you would not have your job. What's important is what we are saying and telling you, so let the party names be aside and put the people first on your agenda. "The US Government" would be the perfect name, that's all you need is an elected official working for the "The US Government" with your title name and no party name included. The party names need to be removed because they serve no real purpose but hold up important issue in our country that are always put on hold due to blame games ect.. Everyone would work together better because everyone would be working on the same page, which is for the people of our country and not for the people of only your party name. We are not two, three, four, ect.. Countries divided, we are just one united country under which the government all needs to be working for and not against each others by trying to keep destroying each others party names, which need to be taken out of the equation of running our government and country.

  • Not a necessity.

    We Americans believe our government system is the best and that it works for us. Although it is good that our democracy doesn't give 100 percent control to one person doesn't mean it can't be manipulated and is the only system that works. We already have democratic system and I doubt that it will change anytime soon but that not to say a consul of governors all under the same party couldn't run our government. That being said I am dissatisfied with the way opposing parties throw endless money in a campaign when they could be spending that time and money running this country properly instead of insulting each other and going at each other like modern day Babylon.

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