• Well, to me it is.

    I am VERY passionate about my political views, but I may just be a freak. If I had a conservative boyfriend, I would be arguing with him CONSTANTLY and I would just be really annoyed. Right now, I don't go to family gatherings because they are all SO REPUBLICAN. I can't stand it! I may just be a freak, but for me it is VERY important that he either doesn't bring up politics AT ALL, or that he agrees with me.

  • Politics are very important in a relationship.

    In every relationship there are arguments and disagreements just like in politics. Demacrats dont get aloong with Republicans and vice versa. This isn't just a war on whose right, it is a war on belief. Democrats believe different things than republicans, such as not going to war or the welfare system. Republicans want to have a do it yourself life style. And dating someone that wants to rely on everyone else is just not going to get you far when your other wants to be American made and justify what is right.

  • Technically, they shouldn't. But politics are a matter of extremes.

    A bit of a contrast is good in a relationship. Things to argue about is also good. But there comes a point. I know that I, personally could not date a person who's political ideology is too different than my own. If I could not trust their political stance, how could I trust them with other things? Politics define our lives way more than they should, but that is an unchangeable fact. I could not date a person who opposed things I care deeply about, or vice versa.

  • No, I do not think so!

    I really do not think it is a big deal what side you are taking concerning politics. If your partner believes something different than you can have a healthy debate. Most of the time, it is not going to be an issue as long as both people know where the other one stands and respects each other.

  • No They Are Not

    Political views are not that important in a relationship. I have a lot of friends that have different political views than I do and are affiliated with a different political party. I am a Democrat and dated a girl who was a Republican for about 3 years. It's not a big deal.

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