• Yes Politicians are Overpaid

    Money that could be taken out of their pay checks could be used to lower taxes which will in turn help the economy because people will have more money to spend and support business. Our country need people to get off unemployment but the government makes it too easy to stay on it they need to make a way to ensure that the people on unemployment do not just collect the money to just sit at home and collect other tax money. The politicians do not even know what is it like to live in our country as a average citizen because they have a fat paycheck a that is taking a substantial amount of our (as in citizens that work fulltime and pay taxes) paychecks, the politicians see a different country than what is really here and I love my country but i feel that our government officials are way overpaid.

  • Reduce salary, increase welfare payments to make US a safer and more liveable place to be

    Just food for thought...
    If 85 congressman willingly decreased their salary, lets say if the average is 117,000......To 100000 (which is still a lot of money, with great financial and lifestyle benefits), then it would create 14.45 million on funds alone to be used somewhere to benefit society.
    An idea to reduce to relatively high crime rates in the US is to introduce a welfare system (good, if there is currently in the US). Not sure if it may change their habit of stealing, but it would provide a starting point to access more patient and forgiving educational training, and hopefully they may be one day transformed into proper, conscientious citizens.
    Funding must start from somewhere....
    And still keeping the rewards for politicians caring for our country in check, we may be able to increase funding for those people in the US who are currently in need of help.
    And through compassion, maybe it would change wrongdoer's minds and at least, reduce crime rate in the US and hopefully make US a more secure and liveable place to be.

  • Politicians, politicians, politicians.....

    Politicians have got so greedy, bigoted....
    They talk about money, money, money, our economy etc.....
    All it actually is, is just a mirage.
    What they are actually doing is nothing, nothing, nothing
    I can't believe how long it takes for a politician to decide on a simple law such as carbon tax, tax raise....Decrease, education.
    If they used their critical thinking skills which our education provides them with,
    then they will seek to just be like matured and contentious people: plan it all out, talk less......Research, contemplate, explain points thoroughly, negotiate, and go to an agreement which laws...Regulations are best.
    Their oversized pay checks is removing the passion out of politics...To fundamentally improve people's lives, as who would not say no to a fat paycheck?
    Instead about being a public servant, due to greed of human nature, the comfort of money is transforming them into celebrities...Fine dining with the rich and famous.
    What is the point of working for income, for a sustainable and feasible life (which all of the US citizens are currently doing, or else if jobless....They would have to resort to thieving, etc....Which would also contribute to social unstability...When some portion of each congressmen's fat paycheck could be used to run a welfare system, to provide opportunity and funding for those criminals in need...You know, may actually want to improve their own lives themselves?)...Gain an education, be given another chance, educated to think like a analytical and knowledgable citizen...And who knows where will all of them be someday? Maybe our fellow congressman should consider this option...And start to 'donate' to a better cause.
    In conclusion........Lesson up on the celebrity lifestyle, and perhaps the country would be in a better place.

  • They are Waaaaaaaaaay overpaid and over-compensated for their easy life styles!

    They are grossly overpaid! They TAKE more vacation time, or closure time than any civil-service employee in the world, are paid two to five times more in retirement with half of the time served, and are EXPENSIVE health-care consumers. Not a single Politician backed by corporate lobbyists and bankers deserve the money they steal from the hard working tax payers! Yet they want to rob us of something as small as earned income credit, child tax credits, or adequate health care, which used to be free for military and Dependants FOR LIFE! Oh yea, they get theirs for life, but we don't!

  • Politicians being greedy

    Politicians take advantage of their positions when they discriminate in their own favour by organising wages, superannuation and other allowances in excess of other public servants. Which party will promise to reduce the obscene difference between what most people receive and what they award themselves? That party gets my vote.

  • Yes,politicians are overpaid.

    Politicians have lost contact with many of their constiuents because they get paid so much more than the average person.If the average politician salary was closer to the average citizen salary they might be more likely to sympathize with the average citizen and understand what they are going through on a daily basis.

  • Yes, Look at Senators Pay

    The average pay for a US Senator is $117,000 a year. That is tax payer dollars. When it comes time to cut things, they are never even thinking about cutting their pay. They cut our military spending and other things first. Politicians (in the USA) should be paid the same income as the average US Household income. This would ensure that they care about the progress of our economy as the higher the average income were to increase, the more they would get paid. Bare in mind this is my opinion as to their pay as a politician from tax payer dollars. Any side ventures they have say the stock market for example is still theirs as they earned it.

  • Yes.

    Politicians are very often overpaid. Although they hold a lot of responsibility which they should be reimbursed for they also should hold moral and ethical beliefs to ensure that the people they are running or representing get the best people making decisions that influence their lives. If politicians make a giant load of money, it could motivate the wrong type of people to try to become politicians for selfish reasons.

  • Overpaid Politics

    Yes, in my opinion, I definitely think that politicians in the United States are way overpaid compared to the average American citizen. They are constantly going out to dinners (free of charge as a tax write off),flying away to foreign lands on the government's dime and have tons of other perks along with their large salaries.

  • Perks O'Plenty

    Considering lobbyists wine-and-dine politicians on a regular basis in Washington, I would say Federal politicians are way overpaid. With other perks such as food and housing allowances, a private gym for members of Congress in addition to government-funded transportation, I would say federal officials who are elected to office have it very nice in the beltway.

  • As Compared to What?

    Regardless on your personal feelings on politics or politicians, I don't believe they are overpaid.. When compared to people in the private sector who hold the same (and many times, less) level of job responsibility. Big company executive staff are paid in the millions, politicians are paid in the thousands.

  • No. Their salaries are not that high while in office.

    The politicians who are rich are usually wealthy before they get elected to office or after they leave office and begin high-level consulting work. The salary for offices in Congress is actually fairly small given the amount of travel they do and the constant nature of the job. State politicians get paid even less.

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