• Yes, politicians are more concerned with keeping their jobs than they are about their constituents

    Not many years ago, a congressman quit because he said he spent so much time trying to raise money for his next election, that there was no time to do his job. I believe politicians today will do anything to get re-elected, even if it is to the detriment of their constituency. They have lost sight of what their jobs really are, and are more like rock stars seeking the spotlight than legislators.

  • Yes, re-election is everything.

    Today's leaders are professional politicians, which means that they are not public servants. Instead they are always looking out for their own interests and their ability to be elected again. They can not correctly do a job that requires them to be brave and to act on behalf of the people and not themselves.

  • They want to get public money as long as possible.

    I think at this point in time it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that the number one job of a politician is staying in office as long as possible. This means that re-election is a constant worry (if they lose, they'd have to go out and get a real job).

  • Re-election tops performance for politicians

    In this era of purchased politics, it is impossible for politicians to devote the time to job performance that could be more fruitfully spent in raising money. When the cost of a U.S. senate campaign now costs upwards of $10 million, it behooves a politician to grease the palms of Big Money that pay the way versus catering to constituencies who clamor for virtuous choices.

  • Sometimes they are

    Politicians can be so concerned about getting re-elected that they don't focus on what they should be doing in the moment. It seems to me that elected officials often forget they are supposed to be working for the people. Not just those who elected them, but all of the people in the areas they serve. I'm sure there's a lot of pressure and, especially around election times, competition. I do think with today's political climate, they have lost sight of some of what they should be doing.

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