• Preventing a Tyrant.

    If you look back a history, most tyrants were in a position of power for a long time and did not have a term limit. Our term limits prevent one belief of a corrupted official become the laws of the free world. If there were no term limits, lobbyist would be paying large somes of money to keep the official in office and in their pocket.

  • Yes, term limits on politicians are acceptable.

    In my opinion term limits on politicians' is acceptable because it allows for a more balanced distribution of power and brings new ideas to the forefront. Term limit being put in place has often brought renewed vitality to the governed and has reduced political cronyism and opportunity for corruption in office.

  • Unnecessary and Asinine

    The main argument used by those in accordance with the affirmative is that they prevent a despot from being able to achieve and stay in power for the rest of his life. This troubling prospect is what lead to the establishment of terms. If the populace determines that their leader has become a tyrant, that leader can be impeached and removed by a legislature or the populace, or just voted out in the next election. Term limits can even impede the will of the people; throughout 2016, President Obama maintained an approval rating well above 50 percent, meaning he probably would have won a third term if not for the 22nd Amendment.

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