Are politicians who cut food stamps and deny health care access truly "pro-life?"

  • Nobody wants people to starve or be sick

    Those of us who would desire to cut food stamp programs (and other welfare programs) and federal health care programs have no desire to see people go hungry or be denied health care access. All Americans have had health care access throughout this debate about how to fix health care, and our stance is that the problems with health care will be compounded by more federal bureaucracy, and need free market solutions to actually solve the problems with the health care system as it is today. Federal health insurance or health insurance guarantees do not guarantee better health care access, they just add more layers of red tape and regulation that drive up the cost of health care while driving down the quality. Food stamp programs, welfare programs, and disability programs are chronically abused, and they need more stringent guidelines and regulations to prevent abuse. A social safety net is something that the vast majority of Americans agree is needed, however conservatives that wish to cut back on these programs simply wish for the programs to be a real safety net and not something that is abused by people that do not really need the programs.

  • You're seeing it wrong

    Of course. Just because a politician wants to cut the entitlements of food stamps, which if you really knew the facts about should be completely reformed and cut back, doesn't mean he/she is not pro-life. We on the right believe in government assistance but not to the point where there is no incentive to get a job or make a living. It is a common assumption to the people who know the facts that food stamps must be cut back, along with other harmful entitlements. As for health care. If you are referring to the GOP's fight to stop the ACA as denying healthcare then you are mistaken. The folks on the right oppose the ACA for many reasons such as people losing insurance and be forced to buy plans they can't afford, people who don't want or feel the need to buy insurance are being forced to buy insurance, and the inability of the government to run major programs in which the insurance companies could run better. I believe the government should work to take heavy regulations on business off so people will not be denied health care. So stating someone not to be pro life because of their belief of smaller forms of entitlement is wrong.

  • Emergency Room is Not Health Insurance

    You can get emergency room care for some things to stabilize your health but not long term care. You will not get chemotherapy, transplants or medicine to keep you out of the hospital. We need a single payer system. This would cut employer costs and provide a boost to the economy.

  • Not Pro-Life, But Pro Greed

    I believe that these people are entirely motivated by party politics and big business. Thanks to gerrymandering, it is no longer possible to elect a politician unless they follow a "far" wing agenda, right or left. I think that possibly the most constructive legislation that can be passed is one fixing the gerrymandering problem and restoring constituent influence in our politics.

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