• Politics and ethics are incompatible.

    Politics and ethics are incompatible. When people have ethics, it means they have
    good morals and try to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. This is incompatible with politics because
    politicians may have to do anything in order to be elected. A politician who always does the right thing won’t
    be a politician for long.

  • A person's politics reflect their ethics, politician or not.

    The point that, "A politician who always does the right thing won’t
    be a politician for long", is irrelevant to the compatibility of the two.

    That politician may be more successful, but success or failure of politics is ALSO not the issue.

    An unethical politician is just a dirty politician, not a better one...

    Of course there will be a million different people with a million different "opinions" on this issue, but the fact is, not only are politics and ethics compatible, they are inseparable.

  • No, an honest politician merges his ethics with his politics

    An honest politician may be a hard thing to find these days, but we live in a world where we know the differences between a persons politics and their ethics. Who we are ethically reflects in our own political views. It seems that politicians lie more often than not, and a person who believes in authenticity would vote for the candidate who seems the most authentic in their belief in making the country better.

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