• Stable is the wrong way of looking at it!

    Poly relationships generally acknowledge that people grow and change over the course of their lives. If a relationship isn't working, it makes sense to transition into a new dynamic. Not everyone values "stability" over personal growth, and poly relationships generally allow for some kinds of stability (ie. Maintaining positive friendships with former lovers, for example) even in the face of relationship struggles.

  • Polyamory relationships more stable than monogomy

    I would believe that adults engaging in an open, honest relationship will have stability. This way of thinking is more common among those who engage in a polyamorous lifestyle. I believe if a couple mutually agrees that they want to love another person and they are both to committed to loving each other and that person its a relationship that most likely will not end from adultery or financial troubles. Most marriages I see end are due to dishonesty. With polyamory they have taken the secrecy out of the equation and added someone who makes both man and woman equally happy. Any marriage can be stable but the bigger the family the stronger you are.

  • Relationships Face Challenges

    I do not believe that polyamory relationships are more stable than monogamous relationships. Relationships, regardless of the number of people involved, will always face challenges that are unforeseen by those in the relationship. I believe any type of relationship has to deal with this, so it is unreasonable to assume that one is more stable than the other.

  • There are more people to get upset.

    No, polyamory relationships are not more stable than monogamous relationships between two people, because when there are more people involved, there are more people who are likely to have conflict and disagree with things. There is also more likely to be jealousy, and misunderstandings about expectations. There is just more room for complication.

  • Polyamory produces instability.

    Polyamory relationships are not more stable than monogamous relationships between two people. This is because human beings are designed to bond with very few people in an intimate way over their lifetimes. One cannot be truly dedicated to two men at the same time. In addition, it doesn't allow for a happy home and people are more at risk for STDs.

  • No, polyamory relationships are not as stable as monogamous relationships.

    No, polyamory relationships are less stable as monogamous relationships. They are built on chaos because they do not like the stability that can come from a monogamous relationship. The reasoning behind being in a polymamory relationship is dislike for structure in which on can kind in a monogamous relationship. People who tend to go toward this route have had bad experience either in there personal life our through another seeing fail in a monogamous relationship.

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