Are poor people poor because of their bad habits?

Asked by: Andrey_Sorokin
  • Yes, Poor people are lazy, Stupid and dumb. They love to drink, Smoke and whine.

    In Australia where I live now there is a free market capitalist economy where everyone can succeed based on merits. So poor people are poor cuz they are stupid and lazy. Why would ever hard working people like me and other middle class Australians pay for their needs. They'd better get out and work!

  • Yes they are

    They may not intitially of been poor due to poor decisions. However whether it's their parents or their own decisions their poor decisions do often lead to them being poor. But more importantly, The reason they ARE still poor is simply because of their poor decisions.

  • If they work hard

    In a free capitalistic country, Anyone can be successful as long as they are smart and responsible. If they spend all of their time on the couch drinking or smoking, It is their own fault. If someone is born into a poor family or bad situation, Then they can get out of it if they work hard enough. One example would be Cristiano Ronaldo. People can grow up poor and become rich or it can be the other way around, Like Mike Tyson. People can be rich or poor. It is usually their own fault

  • Capitalism robs them

    This rich take all their money and don't allow them to get back up. It's not their fault, Its the ones who have the power in a capitalist society's fault. You can't blame them for something others are doing. They have been locked out of the econamy, So don't blame them.

  • It is based on country, State, Or habits.

    People who are poor in L. A more often then not make the choice to buy marijuana or drugs. Drink or gamble. In India most people are poor due to state wide reasons. People do have bad habits but state economies have an impact too. Not always because they are stupid, They don't always make the choice.

  • It depends on the situation.

    It depends purely on the situation. Many poor people are born into poverty, Such as areas in India and Middle-Eastern countries where most of the community lives in slums and ghettos. However, Some people do abuse the money they have on gambling, Drinking etc. And therefore it purely depends on the situation as to whether people are poor due to only their bad habits, Or poor due to uncontrollable factors.

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