Are poor people poor because of their bad habits?

Asked by: Andrey_Sorokin
  • Yes, Poor people are lazy, Stupid and dumb. They love to drink, Smoke and whine.

    In Australia where I live now there is a free market capitalist economy where everyone can succeed based on merits. So poor people are poor cuz they are stupid and lazy. Why would ever hard working people like me and other middle class Australians pay for their needs. They'd better get out and work!

  • If they work hard

    In a free capitalistic country, Anyone can be successful as long as they are smart and responsible. If they spend all of their time on the couch drinking or smoking, It is their own fault. If someone is born into a poor family or bad situation, Then they can get out of it if they work hard enough. One example would be Cristiano Ronaldo. People can grow up poor and become rich or it can be the other way around, Like Mike Tyson. People can be rich or poor. It is usually their own fault

  • Mostly they are

    It slightly depends on the country and background but yes they are because they mostly just sit on their chair watching useless videos or gambling and then buy some ciggaretes and then go to the bar. Even though they propably didn't know investing even if they knew most likely the would say "it's too risky" or "i don't have enough money" or "i'm rich enough" or something like that.

  • In the majority of cases yes.

    In order for one to avoid poverty in the US, He only needs to fulfill a few general conditions: 1. They have to have an IQ of at least 85 (bare minimum for employment), Which about 90% of people do have, And without which there can be no hope for anything other than dependancy and poverty. 2. Don't get addicted to drugs or booze, This is an obvious one, And the people who are addicted are most definitely to blame for their own poverty. 3. Poor handling of money; this is a huge problem in the US, The fact is that there is a whole segment of the population that seems to make very poor financial decisions on a routine basis, These are the people who tend to spend big (by their own standard) when they get their paycheck, And only start saving when there is nothing left to be saved, Not to mention ill advised loands and such which only make the problem worse. 3. One of the main indicators of poverty is the single motherhood are, There isn't a single phenomenon as damaging in the US today as the rapidly rising single motherhood rate.

    All of these are decisions (except for the first one) people make by their own free will and when they do, It's not anyones fault but their own! . And as far as IQ is concerned, This is a segment that we will have to deal with somehow sinse they can not be held responsible to the same degree as the rest of the population. . . . .

  • Yes, Sometimes it because of their bad habits

    Anyone can being rich if they are working harder, Trying to be more individual advanced who can compete in the capitalist world. Being a useful person to contribute on society needs today will shift their life to a better situation than before. Their bad decision to be lazy and unhelpful just make their situation more worse and locked out in that "poor" environment.

  • Yes they are

    They may not intitially of been poor due to poor decisions. However whether it's their parents or their own decisions their poor decisions do often lead to them being poor. But more importantly, The reason they ARE still poor is simply because of their poor decisions.

  • Capitalism robs them

    This rich take all their money and don't allow them to get back up. It's not their fault, Its the ones who have the power in a capitalist society's fault. You can't blame them for something others are doing. They have been locked out of the econamy, So don't blame them.

  • Bad people become rich

    I am a janitor. I was offered to sell drugs and make thousands of dollars. I refused to sell that trash to my community. I am stuck in a dead in job. I cannot go to school because it is too expensive. I have an old apartment and cannot afford anything better.
    Selling drugs or robbing white people would be easy money but I serve God.
    Did you know JP Morgan During the cival war buys five thousand rifles at $3. 50 each and sells them on at $22 apiece. The rifles are defective and some shoot off the thumbs of the soldiers firing them. Later, A congressional committee notes this but a federal judge upholds the deal and Morgan is exonerated.
    I am not surprise that most rich people and CEOs are psychopaths
    Keep your filthy money and burn with it.

  • You people are not even poor.

    Take from someone who was born poor and still is considered poor. I was born dirt poor with 5 siblings. My parents told us to work hard so we would not be so poor.
    I had no car, No phone, No internet no computer. My only entertainment was a ball and some dirt. Me and my siblings worked hard studying and we are Mexicans, Not Asians. I ate beans and cheap food. You people cry about giving food stamps when you do not even have a food budget of a dollar a day. The other kids would brag about going on vacations and having video games.
    All my siblings went to community college. My sisters are nurses and my brothers have blue collar Jobs.
    Even with combining our money we are still broke.
    We buy cars under 2000 dollars and try to save but we barely have enough. This lazy white boy I know inherited his fathers company and never worries about money. Or how about some shady Iranians that own the gasoline stations in my city, I know them by chance and I can tell you they do not deserve their wealth,
    None of you know how lucky you have it and you should shut up. With the little money we have we help feed other people.

  • Not all but most poor people have been through things others have not.

    What I mean by this is, That many poor people are homeless. Therefore the question is why? Well maybe because they have been put through something, Unlike others. Which might mess up their mind and focus on the bigger picture. I mean sometimes others make choices for some people and it messes up people. Which leads to drugs and coping with things. I mean with drugs and drinks and things they shouldn't use. So yes, People are poor because of decisions made. I think that most of those poor people did not make the decision to be poor, But made the decision to cope with decisions other people made for them.

  • Poverty is created by the system to serve only the rich elites

    The rich elites have created the massive worldwide poverty system due to their insatiable greed and heartlessness, So they can abuse the masses more for their own pleasure.
    Most of the poor are victims due to circumstances, Thanks to the massive greed corporatism elitist system.
    The income equality huge gap problem is a huge WORLDWIDE problem. Just look around you for lots of proofs. Poor beggars aplenty in many big cities all over the world. Heartless rich billionares fatcats do not care about their poor workers or fair wages, They only seek to exploit the poor and the environment even more for their own insatiability destructive greed. By massive offshoring to cheaper countries, Stagnant wages, Stock market gambling robbery and collisions, Big corporate scandals, Abusing young graduates in "unpaid internships", Frequent job layoffs, Golden exit parachutes for rich bosses only (regular workers just gets laid off with very little or nothing! ), Bribing government for more tax-cuts only to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor, . . Etc. Do not forget occupy wall street! The reasons behind the protest are very real!
    It is a totally broken system now in the developed nations all over the world - all these money and selfish greed obsessions, Fueling so much hatreds and wars and deaths.
    Therefore, The rich must pay up more for their dues.

  • It depends on the situation.

    It depends purely on the situation. Many poor people are born into poverty, Such as areas in India and Middle-Eastern countries where most of the community lives in slums and ghettos. However, Some people do abuse the money they have on gambling, Drinking etc. And therefore it purely depends on the situation as to whether people are poor due to only their bad habits, Or poor due to uncontrollable factors.

  • Not all poor people.

    To say that all poor people are poor because they made bad decisions in their life is a rash generalisation. Yes, There are some who gamble or buy loads of drugs which results in them to become poor, But that's not for every poor person. Most of them are poor because of the situation they are placed in. The environment around them is very inadequate for them to live a sustained lifestyle and often times, It is not the person's fault for being in the poor situation.

    Posted by: CDC
  • A handful of both

    While yes some people are dirt poor because of drug addiction or bad spending habits their are a great handful who are simply unlucky. They are born into poverty and without business investment in the local area their are little job opportunities available for them making it much harder to just "get a job. " Without money it makes it hard to get a higher education as well allowing a repetitive cycle of poverty in families. So yes some people are poor because they are stupid and made horrible life decisions but it would be ignorant to say all poor people are lazy and just do not want to get a job because many would be willing to work hard to move up in life but simply do not have the opportunity to do so.

  • It is based on country, State, Or habits.

    People who are poor in L. A more often then not make the choice to buy marijuana or drugs. Drink or gamble. In India most people are poor due to state wide reasons. People do have bad habits but state economies have an impact too. Not always because they are stupid, They don't always make the choice.

  • Current corporation greed obsessed global economy supports nepotism not real skills

    Current corporation greed obsessed global economy supports nepotism, Not real skills. The poor are unfortunate vicitms of circumstances thanks to greedy bosses and corrupt governments and Illuminati at the top.

    The current monetary system in western countries is totally broken with all the bad debts and unrealistic stock market futures which is out of touch with reality and news. Excessive greed at the top 1% and massive income inequality.
    Greedy unrealistic lazy older fat cat bosses and tech replacements No job security for younger workers, Global wide competition, Tech automation replacing good paying jobs. In office corporate worlds, Excessively greedy old rich fat-cat bosses with too high expectations on their employees, Creating extreme work pressure with unpaid overtime and very high staff turnover rate, While abusing low-paying internship and offshore consultancy. Workers have put in all the extra efforts with unpaid overtime in weekends and late shifts, But workers STILL get fired or laid off due to company restructuring or whatever excuses the greedier bosses decides on. The middle class is still evaporating, The rich top 1% will massively abuse the bottom 99%.

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