• They are called legitimate

    It's called student loans....If you applied for the same money for anything else they'd laugh you out of the building. Yet when you say "i want 100k for college" they say "why not go for 200?". You can't remove it with bankruptcy either, so it's chains are much more permanent. There's a 1 trillion and growing debt that's ready to pop, and when it does....The economy will be shattered because the banks will fail. Even if they are stopped from failing by bailouts(which are almost always unethical at best) the economy and taxpayers still get whacked.

  • Yes, predatory lending statistics are higher today.

    I think that predatory lending statistics are higher today than they have ever been before. And part of that is due to the fact that there are more loopholes for lenders to use to fool other parties in regards to a loan. Another reason is because a lot of people are doing loans online.

  • Yes they are

    yes, right now these are a booming thing because of the ease that it is to get to the people that the take money from. The internet has a huge role on how they can find you and reel you in to where you will get this lending money from them.

  • No, I don't think predatory lending statistics are higher now then ever before.

    I think that there may have been a bump in predatory lending in recent years with the rapid rise of lenders popping up on the Internet but it was quickly cracked down upon by several states capping the interest rates and fees they can charge or simply outright outlawing them.

  • No, not anymore

    Predatory lending statistics peaked during the Bush administration when the housing bubble was happening. That's part of the reason the United States' credit started to crash. So no, they aren't higher now than they ever have been before. They are still too higher, of course, but there has been a marked improvement.

  • There are always cheats.

    No, predatory lending statistics are not higher now than they have ever been before, because there have always been people who have been willing to take advantage of people who have been in dire straits. Predatory lending is not new. It has been documented better today than it has in the past, which makes it look like more.

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