• Yes, they are set to maximize profits.

    Yes, prescription drugs are priced fairly, because the drug companies have to make a profit. The drug companies will set their prices at whatever level they think will maximize prices. If there is collusion, there are anti-trust laws to deal with that. But most of the time, drug companies will set their prices low enough to make a profit.

  • No, they are too expensive.

    Prescription drugs cost a huge amount of money and this is probably because of the amount of advertising that each company does to promote its drugs and the need many feel to take them despite the horrible side effects. This is part of the ever expanding costs of decent health care.

  • Prescription Drugs Priced Unfairly

    In the United States, most prescription drugs are priced unfairly. Even some generic drugs can still cost hundreds of dollars. The pharmaceutical industry needs to either lower its costs or lower the costs of these medications. People that need certain drugs shouldn't have to pay a fortune to get them.

  • No, drug companies make too much money.

    It would seem from my understanding, although I do not take any, that prescription drug prices have soared over the years. We do not hear of the drug companies taking any financial hit and their ceo's are making huge salaries. It is time to make the necessary medications available at a fair price.

  • Prescription drugs are not fairly priced.

    Prescription drugs are not fairly priced. They are marked-up considerably and most people can not afford them. If you do not have insurance to cover the costs then most pharmacies are too overpriced to pay out of pocket. There should be more regulation on the amount they should be able to charge you for prescriptions.

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