• Prescription medicines overused

    Prescription medicines are overused in the U.S. People are taking medications for no reason and abusing them they are being handed out without proper supervision and it has become a serious problem here in the United States. This country needs to have stricter laws for the medication that they are using.

  • Yes, there are many alternatives to prescription medicines.

    A lot of doctors I feel prescribe medicines to fill their own pockets with more money. They just listen to what the patient says and then they provide the patient a medication to use that might not be all the effective, or just fix one of the problems. A lot of problems that happen to a patient could be fixed with a simple vitamin/mineral supplement, not some chemical that is overpriced.

  • Are prescription medicine are overused in the U.S..

    Are prescription medicine are overused in the U.S.. There have been many books on the subject of excessive prescription drug use in America such as "Prozac Nation". It is estimated that nearly 50% of the population have at some point tried an anti-depressant or another form of mood altering medicines.

  • Yes, because we are pain intolerant.

    Most people today in the United States feel like pain is an intrusion on their perfect idea of the world as is sadness or anxiety or any number of other things. Rather than get to know their bodies and minds and try various healing techniques, they rely on prescription drugs that often boomerang into addiction.

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