Are Presidential candidates 'looks' more important than being a good debator?

  • Unfortunately yes it matters more

    Unfortunately an attractive candidate is always going to have a heads up on a candidate who is excellent in a debate. As long as a good looking candidate is amiable and has half a brain (sorry Sarah Palin) they will have a much better chance than a less attractive less charismatic candidate.

  • Yes and a good debater doesn't equal a good president.

    The first US woman will go down in history and needs to look like history, since we have never had a woman elect. Someone that all children can admire and look up to, and it's not an ugly duckling look. Mid age and attractive is the answer. A good debater doesn't always mean you can achieve something. We need a person who can do more than talking and speeches that will put his or her plans into action. You have to be great at compromising and a peacemaker. Regardless to male or female, the president needs to be in good health. Looks are more important than a debtor because anyone can debate something.

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