Are print and electronic media responsible for the moral decadence in our society?

  • Print and electronic media - the fast track to moral decline

    While the printing press has allowed the masses to be educated in the past, today is used to deliver messages that in Gutenberg's time would be a hangable offense. Access to materials such as pornography, violence, and vulgar language is simply a page or a click away. The internet has helped further propagate materials such as pornography with the simple click of a mouse.

  • Parents Pass on Morals

    The moral decline and decadence in our society is promulgated by parents. Print and social media sensationalize personalities like the Kardashians and 'Duck Dynasty.' However, parents who allow children to be exposed to mature media content cause irrevocable damage to the minds of kids. When parents wantonly play videogames like "Grand Theft Auto" and "Call of Duty" in front of five-year-old children, that's problem number one. Parents of young kids simply didn't grow up to become adults to their own children. Many times, mothers and fathers aren't ready for the responsibility of children when they have kids in the first place.

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