• Yes, some people find value in pristine comics.

    Yes, pristine Superman comics are worth their price. Though I do not personally find them particularly valuable, nor see their price as worth it, there are many comic book collectors who find pristine comic books incredibly valuable. In addition to collectors, many people will pay a higher price to own something from their childhood for the nostalgia.

  • Yes, pristine Superman comics are worth the price.

    Due to the fact that these issues are no longer in production and the ones you may find are worn out or either torn apart because of time itself, I think that when you find such an issue in pristine condition, it is surely worth the price because after all, it's a comic that is very rare. You can't find these anymore and there are many collectors that would pay loads and loads just to have a look at it. I think pristine Superman comics are sure worth the price, especially if you're a die-hard fan of Superman.

  • Yes pristine Superman Comic Books are worth the price.

    In assessing the value of pristine Superman Comic Books you only have to look at what historically collectors have paid for the books and look at the declining number of them being offered on the open marketplace. The majority are in the hands of true collectors who are not going to part with them anytime some, making to ones on the market worth even more.

  • Can't touch this.

    About the only way a comic book would be worth it is if you purchased it for the sole purpose of selling it for more later. In this case, it is a comic book from 1938 that originally sold for 10 cents but has been sold for over 2 million. About the only way to assure the comic does not get damage to reduce it's value is to never take it out of the sealed wrapper. To me, what good is it to the owner if they never intend on actually enjoying it? Unlike a painting that you could seal in an airtight frame, to enjoy a comic book you would have to open it and turn the pages. This is something that someone who collects comics for value would never do, so they never really enjoy their purchase.

  • Not to me

    I am not a collector, and I am not obsessed with comic books. Now, if I was, maybe then I would find them worth the amount they are sold for. I would prefer to buy a nice piece of art or buy something that I would use on a regular basis that is useful. Like a nice car, or something like that.

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