• Of Course They Are

    Priuses may not be the sexiest car in the world.... Or the fastest, but they do have their perks. The Prius can get up to 40 mpg, which will turn out to be a real money saver. Its also very affordable, and you can even get tax credits just for owning one. Like I said, it's not the sexiest car in the world, but it kind of looks like a spaceship on the inside.

  • Prius are awesome.

    These cars are not eye candy like a camero, but I love the design of them as a whole. I drove a 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx got about 16 mpg in the city and about 21 mpg on the freeway. I used to curse and get frustrated with those damned prius drivers, but really I was jealous. Then I got a PriusC came with a User Manual as thick as a Harry Potter novel. When I read the book, it covered wearing your seatbelt, or how to start the car. I assumed that I would get good gas mileage if I continued to drive like I always did. (Where were these great miles per gallon the dealership promised me?) then I watched 50+ YouTube Videos. PriusC tells you all the time how fast you are going, how much you are paying, and how you could do better at any given time. I started out 0-35mph in 3 seconds, like I always did...FAIL! To get good gas mileage in a prius one must take off at a more gradual acceleration, maintain a consistant speed, and slow down sooner. It took some time for me to adjust to the new way. And according to the "EcoScore" my high score is 94, I still havent gotten 100/100 (dang it! I really try!) I know that people talk about how their batteries arent environmentally friendly, but what battery is? I think the prius is one possible solution, maybe not flashy but I get there more economically. And until someone else pays my gas bill, Ill drive at what ever safe speed i want to. (my state doesnt have a minimum speed, but safety is my biggest concern) And above all else, the PriusC changed my focus from Oh My God how fast can I get there! To I'll get there 5 minutes later, maybe take the city way and save 5 bucks, and enjoy the ride, because they prius has a smooth ride for such a small thing. But you dont have to take my word for it. TEST DRIVE ONE!

  • Woeful little things

    Priuses are a global sale but they are slow, expensive, not the best at fuel economy, ugly, dull, completely pointless piles of junk. I know this because I have ridden inside one before and they have the worst interior I have ever seen. Plus they are not very good looking which I like in a car. So I would have to say that they are not good cars.

  • You only need one word: Diesel

    And that's the end of the argument. Sadly, millions of drivers have bit upon the idea that hybrids are immensely fuel efficient. It's a lie. It's proven. Diesel sedans, let alone small diesel hatches, can run for days on what the Prius burns. The car is silly. So are the people who drive them, largely. Which is not to say that hybrids are altogether without merit. I'm certain that in several decades, they will have solved the electric car satisfyingly, but for the nonce, it's but a sales pitch, and a poor one.

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Sumocolt768 says2014-01-11T20:14:20.673
New diesel vehicles are usually really expensive, and diesel fuel is more expensive than unleaded.
man0euvre says2014-01-12T00:04:47.863
@sumocolt - My research (NE United States) indicates that a VW Gulf TDI is less expensive at base trim levels (I didn't look into higher trim levels) than a Prius. This is only one example, but it at least proves diesel can compete. Priuses are notoriously expensive for their size and spec, and, as another user commented, they simply don't deliver the same degree of performance, styling, etc that similar cars in size and price deliver. At the pump, diesel is slightly more expensive, but the diesel engine compensates by delivering better mileage and, in some cases, the option to run on alternative fuels, such as bio diesel, or home heating oil, which may or may not lower operating costs further.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-01-15T05:32:41.263
Screw both of the choices. Water and hydrogen fuel sources are the future.
Sumocolt768 says2014-01-15T20:32:06.520
Alright, I've done some more research on the matter, and you're right. However, the fact that diesel is better doesn't mean that the Prius isn't a good car. Managing to get 50 mpg with unleaded gasoline goes a long way. Also, when people compare the mpg of the Prius to a diesel-powered sedan, they'll find that the mpg rate is nearly the same, thus siding with the Prius to save money on fuel costs. (Given that safety and reliability are nearly the same.)
man0euvre says2014-01-15T21:49:36.067
@sumocolt78 - Kudos on research. I concede that the Prius' will save vs a diesel due to fuel cost all other things being equal. However, this is really its only advantage, and this may vary depending on the specific car (http://www.Autoweek.Com/article/20130708/carnews/130709866) and realm of use. Prius' gets better mileage at lower speeds due to their electric motors, whereas diesels excel at long hauls. Comparing to normal gasoline cars, I maintain that because the Prius is a hybrid, its cost is still inflated well beyond normal gasoline powered vehicles of the same size and spec. For this reason as well, it often can't compete in trim levels for the price. These are two serious marks against which have not been answered. And they're rather homely... Furthermore, the Prius is generally accepted to be a poor performer as well- Very mediocre speed and acceleration compared to competitors. Obviously, in a preferred environment, as a city car that doesn't have to offer a whole lot of performance, and can better utilize its electric motor at lower speeds, it's acceptable, but couching the argument on those terms makes the Prius vulnerable to comparison with other, dedicated city cars- and some of them are very good (esp. The full electrics!). Overall, I conclude that the Prius isn't especially exceptional in any way, actually suffers in some areas, and therefore fails to stand out as a truly good car.