• Private Schools are very dangerous for Both Children and Parents

    Private schools are worse. . They are just behind money and they have nothing to do with Children. Teachers are worst. Any criminal can become teacher in private schools. On the other hand, Govt schools are much more better than them. . Govt teachers are also very well cooperative and very supportive.

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  • Private schools are dangerous

    I have bounced between private and public schools, Which was better for me? Public schools by far, I have seen people I can relate to much better, People who would never make it into a private school, The people are also very shallow, And they're all one note. Public schools also have an obligation to look into teachers' actions and fire those that are breaking the rules. In private schools, Like was the case for me, You get teachers who are there because they became stables of the brand, And are untouchable no matter how crazy they are, Coaches especially. This type of policy of untouchable teachers makes it a danger to kids in the school, As I have seen, And they just don't fire them or do anything like that. Currently enrolled in one, And I just can't wait to be free of it, It's an awful school and I wouldn't send my kids there in the slightest. The quality in teachers at public schools are so much better, Which isn't commonly believed, But believe me, That is the case, At least, In the scenario I find myself in.

  • The SNDS was a good but it turns into bias formed school specially principal

    I will never go back here a gain because of the fees and most of all nonsense whatsoever but I will realize that very stricted than public school anyway I will think of behind of this and the truth will able to be revealed this is not panira or destructive force this is the truth of SNDS please don't enroll that school that means pineperahan lang kayo niyan.

  • Private schools exacerbate the growing economic divide.

    Private schools are exactly what is wrong with our society. Firstly, by placing the needs of our own children above those of the society we are going to further the economic divide and eventually doom our civilization. We hold down those less fortunate by sending our own children to private schools and pulling our support and funding from the public system. Doing so sentences our children to a world that values wealth above all and does not care about others outside of one's established circle. Secondly, public schools are better because it allows children to socialize with others from different social, religious and economic backgrounds. Being exposed to a more diverse student body will give them something that academics alone cannot. Finally, studies show that students in public school do as well, if not better, than their private school counterparts when comparing students of similar socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Private Schools Are Becoming Quite Dangerous

    Many people think private schools are way better than public schools, but that’s not all true. Private schools tend to have administrators and staff who might not have the proper credentials to be in the position, which leads to serious consequences such as the quality of education (even though people brag about the test scores of private schools), not having the skills to deal with parents and the community and worse, not having the skills to provide intervention when students bully one another. (I was once told I was being disrespectful for reporting a girl who has a history of being loud, obnoxious, and just outright mean to other students. Worse, the staff made excuses rather than solve the problem, showing the lack of skills required on how to deal with troublesome students.)
    Another problem with private schools is greed. I can understand these schools need money to keep operating, but for administrators to have big egos and cram many fundraisers down parents’ and students’ backs has gone too far. Parents have to take care of their children and other siblings and students’ have to take care of their duties of being a student. I tend to question where the money goes after it’s donated? Most of it winds up going to the staff rather than for materials and other learning tools which benefits the students.
    Sadly, private schools are used for administrators to showcase students academically rather than allow students to explore their potentials throughout different subjects.

  • Yes private schools are bad.

    Private schools offer an unfair advantage to other students who do not come from a rich family or are unable to afford to go there on their own merits. It gives children the sense of privilege and the right to treat other unfairly because they are in a "supreme" school.

  • Your money, Your choice

    Why can't you give your children the best start in life you can? Private schools take pressure off state schools, They attract better teachers, Pay teachers more fairly for their time, Encourage teachers to 'go the extra mile' with help. Most private schools have bursaries for people that can't afford the fees. It gives parents abilities to complain and have their voice heard by the school, The school has to maintain high standards. At private schools, They obtain better results BECAUSE private schools are filled with people that want to learn. They have entrance exams to make sure that people are willing to put the work in. Private schools do not limit diversity in any way and without private schools, 10s of thousands of students would be sent into an already struggling system that is lacking funding already.

  • Private schools are freedom

    I have attended a private school all my life and when u go to a private school the quality of learning is much better, and the reason private schools are so much better is that of the quality of people attending public schools, and it has been proven that private school students generally score higher than their public counterparts. Also, the perception that students at private schools don't have to be qualified is absolutely absurd, private schools often hire better-qualified teachers due to the fact that most parents expect more from the school and not less. Another notion that I find absurd is that not a lot of people don't have the knowledge that a public school is basically a school that the government controls, which of course means that at any time the government could tell all the schools "No more teaching match!" and of course the public schools would have to comply.

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  • Private Schools Allow Choice

    Private schools allow parents to have a choice in where their child goes to school. Currently, your child can have a free education but almost always only at the public school that they are zoned for. If a parent wants their child to be educated in a different environment, they should have the option to choose a different school if they want to. Some choose religious schools, schools with specialized curriculum for arts and sciences, or just a school where their student can feel more comfortable.

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