• Balls and I don’t care about title

    So basically I am penguin. Love is kill deathe inevitable. Your mom’s marital status: I am the lover. Also vagine and vagina Christmas.

    Public school curriculums are a bar for private schools to exceed. There’s a strong incentive to be better. It’s really that simple. Five more words are needed.

  • Yes they are

    Publicly funded schools constantly lower their standards to increase the graduation rate. People rightfully ask the question, "why are we paying taxes for schools when the money spent on kids who drop out are wasted? " This is why public school diplomas are almost worthless now, They have lost their value.

  • Government Funding coming into Public Schools

    With government funding coming into public schools instead of private. This allows in some cases, More public schools to have more spending. Allowing more facilities such as a Music and Drama Center or a sporting gym. The increase in money for some public schools means that teachers are able to have an increased wage. Meaning that they are more willing to enjoy teaching.

  • Evidence supports public school students thrive

    Consumer NZ looked into a similar issue in their most recent eductioneducation issue. It showed that bright students thrive better in coed schools than ones split into one gender only. As most private schools are on gender only, I hope this helps.

    Another thing to consider is that one gender schools do not allow students to develop their own gender identity, Over fears that if they do, They will be expelled for not being in the one gender allowed in. The whole idea of one gender schools is transphobic because it is assuming all students who want to go to a private school are gender binary.

    Do your child a favor, Give them a chance to thrive and develop their identity. Cheers.

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sauravpatra says2020-08-29T07:09:35.313
No doubt private schools are better, Products of private schools become well settled in their life in terms of financially, But loose their cultural values, Students of private schools are being taught about competitions of life, How to survive only in financial perspectives. Hence a vast majority of parents feel lonely at their older age because either they send their son to some other countries to earn money or settled to some other places, In the other hand products of govt. Schools have less opportunities to grow, If they have big aim they have less resources and hence stick to their places and lives ordinary life with their parents and childrens. Products of private schools does not give guarantee to lead a better and happier life, Its the choices of the products from both schools how they want to live
RadeCrow says2021-04-09T01:29:01.500
I tried to post an argument for private schools and it got deleted and I'm too lazy to write it again so this is my vote for private schools lol.

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