• Private schools are wayyyyyyyyyyy better.

    Public schools are inappropriate and uncivilised. Private school have better teacher, better resources, and better education.

    Public schools are only for people that do not want to learn that Mach and don't care about their future.

    I would send my future children to a Private school, even if I must sell myself to slavery.

  • Private schools will develop your child's abilities and teach them how to formally behave in different social situations. Enthusiasm and contribution to lessons is encouraged.

    When I first went to private school it was in year three, this was a move that was made mid-way through the academic year. My parents and I made the decision because I was persistently being bullied by my year because of my zeal in classes. When I started private education my unwillingness to contribute to lessons got the better of me, then I came to realize that more often than not, all my classmates would raise their hands when a question was asked, at this moment I truly felt at home. Lunch was a lovely time of day, the ambience of the sumptuous dining room was so friendly. A member of staff would accompany us and we would all socialize about the events of the day, and of course, the food was delicious. A range of different sports were offered to each student and all students who wished to play in a competitive game against another were always fielded, regardless of ability. You always feel part of a special and cordial community at a private school, where you are valued for your talents. The parents of children at private school were also so much friendlier than those at state, you could have long dialogues with them without hearing the word 'like' or 'innit'. I have predominantly been advocating private schools because I want parents to know the advantages of private and not necessarily the disadvantages of state (although I have mentioned a few). If you are contemplating whether or not to send your child to send your children to private, I strongly recommend you do so.

  • I prefer private schools

    In private schools, there is a bigger importance given to the child's performance in terms of manners and discipline. This helps the student greatly in the future and is beneficial both to the individuals themselves and the people surrounding them. In addition, the fact that the students have to pay for their education (or their parents pay) make them feel guilty if they fail, feeling like they've wasted their money, and so they work harder and strive for better grades.

  • Reason #1 Testing

    Many private schools meet or exceed provincial education standards. Private schools that are included in the rankings often score high in the Fraser Institute's report cards measuring academic achievement among all school types that take standardized tests. They learn more and have quite specialized optional subjects that you normally wouldn’t get until you reached university.

  • Go private school!!!! :)

    You have more chance of getting a successful career in private schools than you do if you join public school because private schools have harder tests so if you get an atar of lets say 85 in a private school and someone else gets 85 in public school your more likely to be invited in a university

  • Private All The Way!!

    I went to private school for five years, and public for seven years. Unfortunately my parents could not afford private school. The five years I was at private school where the best and I learned more there then ever. Not just with education but respect and integrity. Public school is filled with disrespectful and ungrateful kids. I would send my kids to private school with every last penny I have.

  • We can change cirriculums

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Why private schools are so much better than public.

    Public schools are crazy and out of control. Private schools are calm and quiet. Most private schools kid graduate as valedictorian. They have strong carers and carry them though though hole life. Public kid work at MacDonald for a long time and hop back and forth from fast for restaurants. This is why i am for private. And i have with both schools and private has worked alto better for me then public did. Public left me and did not help me learn so i struggled deeply.

  • MY OPINION - private schools are better

    I have attended both a private and public school, but for me, I prefer a private school much more than a public school. I work far better, and it's a lot easier for me to do that as the classes are much smaller, and I can give you an example of this as in my Latin class last year there was only 6 people including myself, ( also not sure wether public schools even teach latin) meaning that the teacher has more time to give you the attention needed. Also majority of the pupils want to really work hard, making it easier for all the pupils in that class and for the teacher to control them.

  • Private schools are the best

    Private schools are the best because you get more options. I went to both private schools and public and I definitely agree that private is better. When I went to private I had bbettter grades and teachers focus a lot on how you do in school. This why Private school are better

  • Public Schools have more resources

    Public schools have more resources than private schools usually. The teachers are generally paid more so they put more of an effort into educating their students. Private schools get away with a lot. Private schools can be better, but overall public schools are more motivated. They must maintain a certain level to receive funding.

  • Public schools are better from personal experience.

    I have attended both private schools and public schools. The private school was an absolute nightmare. None of the teachers were certified and the curriculum was basically a "teach yourself" booklet called a PACE. Not all private schools are the same though. Some are just as good as public schools and have the same opportunities, but these private schools are very large and expensive. The private school that I attended had only 15 students, including myself, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I am now in college and it is a huge culture shock because I was not very well prepared for life outside of a position of ministry. Looking back I wish that my parents would have sent me to a public school for a majority of my education because I feel that I was robbed of several opportunities that public schools provide. Again, not all private schools are the same, I just very strongly suggest staying away from the very small, under funded schools that only plan to cram religion down children's throats.

  • Equal Education for Our Children

    I believe that everyone should be equal. Why should the rich get a better education, just because their parents make more money? All children should get an equal chance to succeed. I recognize that not all public schools are perfect, but if all parents put aside their differences and help schools, they can be a great learning environment. Public schools also have better diversity, with kids from all sorts of racial and financial backgrounds, which can help broaden kids minds and awareness.

  • I Strongly Disagree

    Private school and public school are way different, but I like public school better. In private school, they don't give all the facts. I have first hand sources because my father was in private school. He said that the teachers teach the subjects then say, "But...We are Christians so we don't believe in that theory." I'm not trying to be racist to my own religion, but I have to say, private school teachers teach the students THEIR theories instead of the actual ones. Public schools go by the state requirements while private schools do their own thing. Also, public schools teach without thinking twice and giving the wrong information. Therefore, public schools are MUCH better.

  • Apply Private Factors

    The American public school system has advantages and disadvantages. The common perception of private schools being a better option than public schools can be proven false. If the advantages of private schools are applied to public schools, the improved system creates a better environment for every type of learner to succeed. The question remains of how can this happen without charging tuition? My public school introduced the “house” system. The idea was to create a sense of community that private schools have. The school was split up into three sections. They had the same ratio of boys and girls, minorities, and special education students. Through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade, students were surrounded by the same peers and teachers. Classes were reduced, making it much easier to have a student-teacher relationship. When I was around the same peers all day for three years, I created closer ties with them. I felt a sense of community that didn’t exist before.

  • Public all the way!

    I went to public school and I have done very well, I love school and I have friends that go to private school and are getting no better grades than me! My parents could afford private school but I turned it down! Why would I want to be surrounded by some of the posh snobs?!

  • Private school education is not any better, save your money!

    There is no difference at all to a public school, except you are kind of sheltered from the social problems you get at government schools e.g. drugs, teen sex etc. I can't think why any parent would send their kids to a private school other than maybe because they want the status or to shelter them. The education is not any better at all, I had some terrible teachers. They were no better than the teachers I had at my government primary school. My parents thought that because they sent me and my sisters to private schools we would all become doctors, lawyers etc, NOT a reality! One sister is long term unemployed and the other is an admin assistant with no formal qualifications. I am still struggling to finish my uni degree 8 years after completing high school but I wish I had never started the degree as it isn't right for me. My private school left me naive and unprepared for life after school. I can't really speak about the other private schools, but my private school cost over $20,000 per year for me and there is no way in the world that was worth it. When I have my own kids there is no way I would send them private, many kids do really well at government schools.

  • I hate private schools!!!

    I really really hate private school so much that it sucks bad no good! If u like private school I won't get along with u sucker beep! U know how it feels to miss your best best friend?! It feels teritbal when I was writing this paritgraph I was crying badly !!! :-(

  • Public schools are better

    There is lack of discipline in private schools as operators would not want parents to withdraw their wards, hence teachers are constraint in instilling discipline on the students especially by the use of the Cain (He that spareth his rod hateth his son... Prov. 13: 24). This is the major reason for crimes and misdemeanors in our high schools today comparatively with the pre- private schools era. Compare the wave of crimes in schools up to the early 80s and what is obtainable today.

    No adequate recreational facilities in private schools due to their confined operational environments. Such sports as footballing, track and field events are absent.

    Posted by: Ekong Tawo

  • Uhm... Depends where you live.

    I've lived in both developed and developing countries. In both types of countries, the schools are funded by government. However, since the government is weaker in developing countries, the public schools are blatantly bad, and the private schools are cheap (~$1000/year) so people over there would obviously vote "yes". But in developed countries the government is strong enough to have extremely good public schools. In developed countries like the USA and Canada (I currently live in Canada) the public schools are better. Trust me I've been to a private school in a developed country, and sadly enough people are extremely concerned about how much money someone has. None of that crap in public schools. I VOTE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

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Public are better.