• Private schools are worth the money, or people wouldn't pay it

    Private schools are often expensive. If private schools were over-priced, then no one would pay to send their students there. There is a basis to say then that it is worth the money because students wouldn't be sent to private schools if they weren't on the other hand, the parents who pay for the private schools may find it a good value, while students themselves could have different opinions, however generally speaking, the higher value of private schools relates to smaller class sizes, higher paid educators, and a curriculum that is tailored for the students of the school by the school itself, not the state. Private schools are worth the money.

  • Private schools are worth it

    I attended public school, and I consider my education to be substandard. My husband attended all 12 years of private school. He is very intelligent, and became a very successful business person. Our kids attend private school. The teachers know how to teach. The teachers at their school are non union, which makes a huge difference. Class sizes are small, computers are up to date in every classroom, no bullying problems, no uniforms, excellent PE, Spanish starts in 1st grade, etc. I could go on and on. These were things I never received at my public schools. I realize not all private schools are the same, but where I live this was the best place for our kids. Public schools could be this good if we got government out of the classrooms.

  • Private School worth for money

    Private school are schools too. May be they are not as powerful as government school but they educate people . They also keep an important role in educating people and turned them into a manpower. But there are some private school that are not worth for money. They took money in name of educating people or child. They took money but they don't do nothing that they should do. So I should say that they worth money but sometimes I feel they don't

  • Not worth it

    They are no worth the money all they do is give people the right to look down on others that didnt have the money to go and they teach the same thing as public schools and they only take in the kids with monney what if there was a brillant child that wanted to go but they turned her down cause why ?SHE DIDNT HAVE THE MONEY its dumb they make private schools what ever happend to making people equal

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