• They would not pay for family needs and instead would pay for junk or things you really don't need

    Well we don't have that much of money and I think that we should have that type of money or they should not no no no so then we we we we can pay that much of that much money and or they should not have that have that money

  • Get ready for some economics

    Athletes are unique in that they have a lot of leverage over their bosses. If you work at McDonald's and you quit, How's that gonna affect the restaurant? One of your poor co-workers will have to work extra until you're replaced but in the vast majority of cases that's about the worst of it. What if Lebron refused to sign for the Lakers after his contract is up? All that merchandise, Being the team Lebron f***ing James plays on, All the people who aren't really Lakers fans tuning in just to see Lebron, Suddenly all that prestige and market value plummets. As a result, Lebron has the high ground to influence how he's treated. Star athletes are way more recognizable than their teams, So they're way more valuable as a brand. If Lebron if offered more money to go to another team, He's not gonna turn that down and why should he?

  • Its all about the numbers

    The only reason sports stars get as much money as they do is because of the people watching. Sporting events are paid to put products on the tv in the form of commercials. The more people that watch the commercials the more money the producers make. Then depending on how much money they got they split it between the players and everyone involved.

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