• Definitely too much.

    I know athletes put a lot of time and effort into becoming famous, professional athletes, but I think it is unfair that actual "helpful" jobs get paid less than the athletes. Even the president makes less then famous athletes. There are other jobs in the world such as police officers, firefighters, doctors, and dentists. Police officers and firefighters risk their lives to protect all of us so we can live happily and peacefully. Doctors save people's lives, and dentists keep your teeth healthy and clean. And what do the athletes do? Play games. I think it is unfair that athletes get paid more just to play games. Therefor, to conclude my statement, I believe that professional athletes get paid too much. Thank you.

  • So,in 2014 Lionel Messi

    Was paid 20 million EUR ,WTF?! Just to kick a ball and still given fame?
    He has so much money already.
    Cristiano Ronaldo was paid 17 million EUR in 2014 to do the same thing as well.
    Why not use this money to help someone, do something? This money could be used to help the less fortunate in getting their basic items… That sum of money is just too much.

  • Yes they are

    They get paid more than the arm, more than doctors, more than people who deserve money they deserve money but not millions all that money can be donated to things that deserve the money. Everytime athlete scores a point they get hundreds and biilions and the sad part is the least paid athlete gets 200,000 u called that not overpaid?

  • Obviously the are

    Why would certain individuals make millions of dollars to "entertain" our country when we have doctors, soldiers, fire fighters, police men/women, etc making so much less to save lives! Also congressmen and women who run our country get payed only $170,000, America needs to change it's views and learn how to spend our money right!

  • Yes professional athletes are paid way to much.

    Some people risk their lives in this world like firefighters and police officers who go in the line of fire to protect the people and firefighters run into burning buildings to save people they don't even know. I think people like them who put their lives on the line for people they don't even know deserve to get paid the money that professional athletes get paid.

  • WAAAAY too much!

    Sport players are paid way to much. And yes, I'm going to say the exact same thing as everybody else. BECAUSE ITS TUE!! Think about all the people who might be poor, or might have cancer. All that money that they earn could be used to help them. There is people who risk there lives in the military, teachers who spend their days teaching students so that they can have the good education they need to bring the best to the society in the future. Doctors save lives everyday too! They need more money then the players!!

  • You do not need that much money to make even the slightest of a living

    The people that work, fight for our country actually do things that matter aren't paid nearly that much and a if you have that big of a salary you should give at least 4 out of 5 mil of it away. All they do is exercise their bodies. If our founding fathers had just been strong and hadn't even thought of the constitution then where would we be today?

  • Paid a lot for what started as a recreation.

    I don't think that people who play sports should be making more money than police officers, soldiers, fire fighters, etc. I know athletes work very hard to be at the level they are, but they shouldn't make more money than people who protect us everyday. Sports were created as recreation and it has become a way to make much more money than the average person.

  • Way to much

    Because athletes are just entertainment we can survive without them.We can't survive without police men or fire fighters.If the quit then the world will go crazy and a lot of people will start to die.If there weren't any athletes we could still survive.THEIR JUST ENTERTAINMENT COME ON GUYS WE WILL SURVIVE!

  • Well over paid!!!

    I am a die hard baseball fan, but lets not forget what baseball is.
    A GAME! A game which I have to pay to play because I want to have fun. Sure these athletes are entertainers and they should be paid more than the average person, but not more than 20 million dollars a year more than the average person! John Lester just signed a contract that will give him more than 25 million dollars a season to throw a ball not more than 35 days out of the year. WTF!

  • They are not overpaid

    Athletes get the right amount of money, that they need. Like every body else in this world they deserve to get paid for what they do best. They keep us people in the United States entertained by there great talent. That's why they deserve the pay that they are getting.

  • Athletes are not overpaid

    No, because with all the training and effort the put into this, all the sacrifices with leaving family to go play and make it, I think they all deserve what the get for how deticated they are too the game, all my respect goes to professional atheletes no matter what game they play or train for.

  • No they are not.

    They have a high risk of injury and only very few can go pro. Also, all of the world can be enjoyed by watching these sports. A third of America watched the Super Bowl this year, and people say they get paid way to much. Only a select few can play and thieve worked really hard to earn this.

  • They are paid slightly too much

    I used to think that they were paid the right amount, but after researching i feel that they are slightly paid too much. There are brave soldiers in the military fighting to keep our country a joyful, free country, teachers that are educating our future, doctors and nurses that are saving our lives, police officers that are keeping our towns and cities safe, firemen that are also keeping us safe. I feel that some of the money going to the athletes to play a sport, should go to the people that deserve it more.

  • They make what they deserve

    They put in time and hard-work for your entertainment. Who are we to say who deserves and doesn't deserve money. They risk their life, give up time with their family,privacy. A lot of people deserve millions of dollars but its just that sports are just more popular. Because they are are popular they make millions of dollars and they give that to their hire their players

  • I think athletes do not get paid enough

    They play that sport for their whole lives and it is the only thing they do because they put time and effort into what they do so they need money to live their lives and possibly provide for their family and for themselves. This is why I think athletes don't get paid enough.

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  • Not paid enough

    Some have huge families. They work for 40 hours a week. They aren’t are going to be bragging with the money. Some don’t even live in the USA and need money to go back to were they were from. A baseball player for the Mariners asked and bought stuff for the kids in the Dominican Republic.

  • Nope they're not overpaid

    Do you have any idea about all the struggles an athlete goes through to be where they are today? Imagine training hours and hours a week, for multiple years. Doing the same things everyday, just for a few moments of your life. They put so much time and effort to do what they do best. Every time they go out there on the big stage, their careers are on the line. All that stress are being put on your shoulders to perform. All athletes go through big setbacks/failures, which mentally discourages them, but the best always find a way through the dark times. The competition is intense too; hundreds of thousands, heck, even millions of people want to be a pro athlete in each sport, and they need to be better than others. Imagine competing against millions of people. That’s tough! The path to becoming a professional athlete is full of struggles and failures the public just doesn’t see.

  • Are they getting paid not enough?

    They are only being paid what they deserve and they also bring in more money to brands and the leagues that they are playing in then they put and keep in their own pocket for themselves. So no, there is no way on earth that professional athletes are getting paid to much. They are also so limited in this world that they need to be paid what they need.

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