• Capitalism and sheep

    Baseball players are paid so much because the sheep who watch/worship them perpetuate their high salaries. Without the sheep, there is no more MLB. If MLB fans switched to something else, someone would find a way to capitalize on that "something" and make even more money without paying salaries if they could.

    Spend 3 hours reading a book.

  • They are getting paid to much

    There are others that actually need the money. They don't go around and help people, they don't get shot at with a gun, they don't put out the fire's, they only get to hit a baseball and run. They are getting too much money for what they do it's dum.

  • Well maybe somtimes

    All baseball salaries can be WAY overpaid at times but I personally think that the money is not about everything. Athletes sometimes play for the crowds not for the money and whooooo needs it more? The athletes or the community? I thought so THE COMMUNITY!!!!! The atheles don't need it, so I suggest you donate the money to help out the community ,not give money to people who already have money.

    ~ cheyann huang

  • Do not pay!

    Evryone loves baseball and all but alot of people live on 5 cents a day so ya! We need A CHANGE people come on they get paid 5 milion dollars each year! And what do we get?! Minimum wege! We have to do something so get up and talk to people! We have conections!

  • Players Are payed to much

    People all over america work until they are 60 years old and still dont make as much money as athlets.They go out there and play a sport for like 5 years and make millions.Some of them dont even go full years of college.What would you think they deserve. I am sure they could live on just a couple 100,000 dollars

  • To dang high

    I don think you need to get paid millions for doing something you love , if you love it so much than you could do it for free. Same with almost every other sport out there, if you love it then play it with out complaining about your pay , gosh dang it.

  • I believe that professional baseball salaries are way too high.

    I believe that professional baseball salaries are way too
    high. It is a shame that we as a nation
    pay baseball players so much, but our teachers and police officers are so
    underpaid. What kind of message are we
    sending to the children in our next generation?
    We need to change this.

  • Baseball players get paid too much

    I think baseball players are paid way too much for what they do. Compared to football, where they sacrifice their bodies, baseball is a gentler sport and less risk of injuries. I think the salaries should be based on physical demands and potential risk of injuries, and baseball player's salaries are not equaled to those risks.

  • Yes they are.

    Professional baseball salaries are way too high, as are most salaries in the professional sports industry. I think that we would also get better players if the salaries were lowered because then the players would be doing it because they love it and not for the money. I think this is why we see so many players with attitudes.

  • Baseball Player Salaries Should Enforce Incentive

    I do feel that professional baseball players' salaries are very high in this modern age. One recent example is Robinson Cano signing a 10-year, $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners after playing for the Yankees for several years. Another prime example is Albert Pujols who signed a mega contract with the Angels even though he was past his prime and in his 30s. The MLB should consider contracts that are incentive based so that the players are asked to deliver on their promises. The incentives should not be too difficult even for the All-Star type players to overcome; however there should be a penalty if a player does not perform on the levels that they are accustomed to (barring injury) rather than the team having to suffer by making the deal.

  • Yes they totally do

    Players get payed way to much. It is crazy. Baseball players make more in 3 years than a hard working citizen who has worked his whole life makes. The salaries should be used for better things. Also players get in way to much trouble off of the field which shoukd bring down salaries

  • The Salaries Are Just Fine

    Baseball players work hard for their money. They could have started playing t-ball at age 3!!! They practice a lot. Yes know $500k seems like a lot but you have think of all the work they put into baseball as a kid and as an adult. I do think their salaries are high but they worked for it.

  • That is the money they make

    They make that money as an organization so why should they turn around and give it to other people when they could use the money to get better players to make even more money. I don't believe they should give millions of dollars to charity. If you go to the games then you shouldn't be saying yes, your supporting that organization.

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  • No they are not

    They play over 160 games a year can easily throw out their arms and can get injured easily. Most players came from a terrible history in the Dominican and should get back what they never had. So no they don't get paid to much. It doesnt hurt anyone so why not

  • Absolutely not !

    Whats the difference between Mike Trout and Morgan Freeman? Nothing. They're both entertainers, but the only people complaining are the ones who don't like sports. These guys put their bodies on the line to ENTERTAIN you. They bring YOU excitement. Stop being so jealous and go out and work as hard as they are

  • No, their salaries are very fair.

    Baseball teams stimulate a cities economy and they bring jobs. An average ballpark will earn 66 million dollars per season, only from ticket sales. With so much money coming into an organization, the unusually high paychecks are very justifiable. If an ordinary doctor, teacher, or construction worker had 30,000 people pay to watch him/her work, then he/she too would make a very large amount of money.

  • Salaries are just fine, except for Alex Rodriguez

    If baseball players are doping, they should not have better salaries. Drugs, steroids, and that stuff is for lowlifes. Baseball, in the traditional Greco-Roman style of spectator games, should challenge us to be better fit and trim, naturally. So keep the salaries for these natural players who don't use drugs or Deer Antler Spray.

  • Players are paid their worth.

    Baseball players generate income for their teams and their sport in a proportionate amount to their actual salaries. I do not think that baseball players can be considered overpaid when their very presence brings in billions of dollars every year for the baseball teams that they work for every day.

  • No, salaries are only what the market will bear

    It's almost impossible for salaries in any field to be "too high", because salary is a component of the business. That decision is made by the owners and not by the masses. If people continue to buy tickets and watch on television, salaries will continue to rise. Salaries will fall only when they become unprofitable.

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