Are professionalism and ethical practices important for socioeconomic development?

Asked by: Migoy
  • Otherwise, We are All Factory Workers

    Professionalism and ethical practices are needed for socioeconomic development otherwise everyone becomes a factory worker. Without people with professional degrees or ethics, there are shady and illegal deals made that can harm workers rather than help them. When shortcuts happen, people get hurt or killed. Professionalism and ethics are needed to build trust for the future of socioeconomic development so a community can move forward.

  • Society and the economy both benefit from ethical behavior

    Businesses and customers enter into social and economic transactions every day, and those transactions are based on mutual trust. If we see these small transaction as a microcosm of the society and economy in which they operate, then it's obvious that consumer confidence at the lowest levels (created through professionalism and ethical conduct) helps reinforce the same confidence at the highest levels of society.

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