Are Progressive Politics inherently bad, Evil or negative?

  • Proggresivism is the driving force of decline

    Proggresivism has ever since it's inception been a cancer on society. It has served to dismantle western values and the family unit, It has destroyed masculinity via feminism, And now it's currently destroying western culture through mass immigration.

    Proggresivism is a naive and idiotic ideology that seeks to empower everyone but in the end just drags everyone down to the same low standards.

  • Progressives Inspired Hitler

    Hitler praised Progressives/Democrats for their eugenics program. Planned Parenthood, Founded by Margret Sanger with the goal of exterminating colored people, Was the inpiration for Hitler's own extermination plan.

    If you think Progressives/Democrats have changed at all, You're kidding yourself. They continue to support Margret Sanger's Eugenics Program to this day: Planned Parenthood.

    We always talk about how evil Hitler was. But we never talk about how evil those that inspired him, STILL ARE. Progressivism is cancer; Evil in its purest form.

  • Modern Progressivism: The decline of modern Left wing politics

    Progressive in history have always fought for justice, Either that's things as desegregation or the right for women to vote. But modern day Progressivism (and Left wing politics in general) over the past few years has been shambolic. Progressives tend to focus what make an individual feel good instead of than want does good for them thus focusing on feeling rather than facts thus most of their policies are based on that. Such as the open border immigration makes they feel good as in their mind they helping people who are desperate and helpless but on the other hand this policy is problematic as; it allows border to flooding with people entering, Puts national services under strain as they would tend to all these extra vuraluabe people and puts natives citizens at risk as due to less restrictions it allows people that don't interrogate or dangerous people such as criminals and terrorists to enter the country. Another thing about Progressive Politics is it's arguably the most political correct and woke form of left wing politics, This is problematic as political correctness and woke politics tends to focus on the wrong properties for an 21st century society this is because; they want to censor or shutdown any form of speech they disagree with and deem "hateful", Rather than seeing people as who are instead they make a big deal over things like that people's race or sexuality feeling a need to combat thing such as racism in reality although still does happen but no where near as bad and big as in the 60s, 70s or 80s and finally these style of politics seek to change things they arguably don't need to be changed such as; number of sexualities and genders, Cultural traditions, So-called offensive things e. G. A "sexist" street names and the role of a modern family. In conclusion a one great ideology let it self been ruined by woke and identity politics and has put feeling over facts. Perhaps why Progressive and Left Parties such as the UK Labour Party or the Sweden's Social Democrats have lost votes in recent elections is the public are not interested in these radical left wing good feely polices and can see the failures of modern Progressive Politics.

  • Few things are inherently bad

    Without progressive politics, Minorities would still be without basic human rights. We are given the opportunity to learn from the past and improve, And it only makes sense to take advantage of this. For example, Masculinity hasn't been destroyed, It has simply become less limiting. Progressive politics is what has always driven positive change. (And some negative too). But without progressive politics, The world would be way behind where it is today.

  • At least not inherently.

    Progressive politics are inherently ideal, At least in the sense to those it appeals to. An ideal Progressive society could even be considered a grand or basic ideal. Peace and prosperity for all and anyone, A community that can cater to the individual and vise versa. Now I am by no means an expert on any form of government. But the progressive ideal is noble, At least in the sense that it means only the best for individuals of it's societies.

    However, As the years have come along, Progressivism is becoming longer about opening doors so that the individual can walk away outside of the walls of the original ideals of a society, But now it has become about building walls inward. It seems to become more about restricting what ideas are commonly perceived as close-minded and about only encourage free flow. Where as the ideal is no walls at all, What is happening is that we are building our own walls around the ideals that kept us locked away. In turn becoming reverse-fascist to a extent. And though it can be agreed that Fascism on the far right of the political spectrum is a horrible and destructive force, But can the same not be said for the extremes on the far-left? Acids and Bases, You know?

    And though I will defend the ideal, As it is noble, No political ideal should be in practice the inverse of it's opposing ideology. We must uphold our ideals as they were and see how far they've shifted, Why they've shifted, And how can we form a stable coherent vision to work towards.

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