Are property taxes the best way to fund public education?

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  • No, parents should pay for kids' education, not property owners.

    The very concept of forcing childless people to pay for the education of other's children is completely unfair and wrong. It is a parent's responsibility to feed, clothe, house, care for AND EDUCATE their children - no one else.

    With this responsibility comes the CHOICE of how their children should be educated. What they should be taught, and what they should NOT be taught. (Evolution/religion, sexual mores, etc).

    With the expense of education being forced upon the rest of society, how long will it be before society will be asked to bear the cost of more necessary things - like food, clothing, shelter?

    Return school choice - and expense - to parents. Where it rightly belongs!

  • No More Property Tax

    Property owners are supporting the schools with our taxes. 57% of my property tax goes to schools. That is wrong, just because I own a home I have to support everyone. Lets level the playing field and go to a sale and income tax support system and make it fair on everyone. Furthermore our parents or ourselves may be having a hard time keeping our paid off homes because taxes keep going up and our income does not.

  • Not when another district gleans a portion of that tax money

    Our district shares its property tax income with an independent city. So, as the taxes increase, a significant portion is then given to a district that does not teach our children - it is a convoluted agreement from decades past that was meant to prevent the city from annexing part of our county. Today, that means over $3M a year is sent to that city, which is exactly what we are short in our budget almost every year.

  • Use Progressive Income Taxes

    Progressive income taxes would provide for a better distribution of the money earned by people with higher incomes.

    In fact I think the lower end of the progressive tax should be set at zero for anyone below middle class based upon the area they live in. The wealthy - who can afford to pay more for education - can make up the difference.

  • No because it backfired.

    The answer is no because children who grow up in wealthy communities with majority home ownership enjoy the fruits of a great education, and here recently, resent their parents for it. Let's level the playing field and let all children display the best, in the best circumstances and let the best man win.

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