• Yeah, the speaking in tongues thing is a part of their religion.

    Yes, that noisome babbling the Pentecostals do that they so delicately refer to as "prophetic utterances" are a key part of their religion. Though from what I've heard, a lot of them do that stuff not because they think they're filled with the holy spirit, so much as they want to fit in with all the babblers around them.

  • Yes, prophetic utterances are a key to Pentecolostalism.

    While prophetic utterances seem to be a part of most religions, it seems to play a key part in the religion of Pentecostalism. I do not follow any type of religion, but I always found it puzzling how believers can continue believing prophecies that do not come true. I think that faith sometimes is just something people need.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, this is supposed to be the spirit of the lord coming out through them, as they beleive. I think that it is all fake, but a whole lot of them think that this is real, and it is a very important part of their religion and to their faith.

  • Yes, they are.

    I'm an atheist, but for one year I made it my purpose to go to religious gatherings, ceremonies, and whatnot. And I mean every faith. Pentecostalism does tend to use prophetic utterances more often than the other sects of Christianity. Even more than the Roman Catholics, who have beautiful ceremonies.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe prophetic utterances are a key part of Pentecostalism. I believe they do have a belief of speaking in tongues so to speak but these utterances are sometimes not reconcilable with prophetic utterances. I don't believe these two ideas are exactly the same so it's unfair to attribute the suggested acts.

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