Are proposed cuts to the Defense Budget a good thing?

  • The Department of Defense Budget gets $688,255,000,000 in the 2012 budget.

    It contains the most money for any department and gives $115,083,000,000 to Overseas Contingency Operations which needs to be cut. We spend too much money on the Department of Defense and it needs to be reduced. We need to cut the unaccounted funds which totals $42,625,000,000. $157,708,000,000 is the total amount of spending cuts we should provide.

  • That is what is meant by cuts across the board

    If we actually want to be consistent in government cuts, which we should then we should not ignore the defense budget. Now I don't mean we should stop paying our military personal, but our the budget is still bloated and inefficient. We are not only fighting wars we shouldn't and in places we shouldn't be, but all the bureaucrats in the department are paid to not do much.

  • Most people don't really know how much we spend.

    Look up any site you choose on 'defense spending' and see for yourself. In 2008, I added up the number of countries it would take to equal that of U.S. spending. How much do you think is appropriate? As much as the top two? Top three? Try 22 countries. We spend as much as the next 22 countries combined by 2008 statistics. These days it's even more. Set a quantifiable amount, say 'as much as the next two countries combined' or something like that and we could cut 80%. The recently proposed cuts don't even come close to that. 10% over 10 years is at least a start that won't effect us too much. Spending on the peace corps is about 11 times less, per person. No, I don't believe we live in times of rainbows and lollipops. But it could be spent much better. Defense is defense, not offense.

  • Defense should be given blank check book.

    Defense is a major concern for United States, and i don't think that their budget should be cut down. I mean its really a our defense system that makes us strong and powerful country. Also people seemed to be jelouse of USA so we need to protect our selves all ways to new threats.


    Our military is already struggling overseas and that is with our large amount of spending. If we reduce the spending it leaves us open to new threats. If we cut spending then we greatly reduce our national security which should be the number one priority. Even if we need to reduce the debt, our economy is growing so shouldn't we stick with the status quo and keep our military strong?

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