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Are pseudo revolutions and needless movements making it impossible for real issues to be addressed?

Asked by: WWWestfall
  • Violent Protesters are Shutting Down the Debate

    The black-clad, masked, violent rent-a-mobs at campus lectures and pro-Tump rallies are making it difficult for conservatives and libertarians to express legitimate opinions about our government and the direction it is heading. Why are police allowing paid brown-shirt thugs to run roughshod over peaceful citizens? If we follow the money, we may find that extremely un-American funding is behind this trend.

    Don't get me wrong. I protested the Viet Nam War and the draft. I feel protests and demonstrations are good for our country. In some ways, protests do more to foster change than voting does, however it's much better to make a lot of noise than to beat up American citizens (and even illegal immigrants) to make a statement.

    Old-school progressives like myself want change and equality, but we abhor totalitarian tactics from either side of the faux left or the fake right. All progressives and all citizens should be against riots and looting and violence from these "protesters". If you're pro-violence, you are not a progressive.

  • Making tons of noise and preventing people from going about their daily lives and business will not accomplish anything.

    When people sit in the middle of train tracks, especially in a busy intersection, during the height of morning and/or evening rush-hours, or prevent people from going about their daily lives and their business, and/or cause them to be late to work or an important medical appointment, or to miss a flight somewhere, or damage property, it means that people have lost sight of the issue(s) at hand, and all too often, fail to really have any kind of clue about the condition(s) that they're protesting against.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Destraction and division

    Small groups making a lot of noise, mostly about non issues or things already covered by law, destraction from real issues and actual problems.

    If some one is truly transgender, no one should know.

    Carbon release is not the problem, carbon uptake is. (thousands of years of deforestation)

    Philanthropist focus on issues that are short term and not as important as planetary protection.

    Selfishness and entitlement stop government from regulating true waste which comes from manufacturers and lack or recycling mandates.

    I hope these examples illustrate my point.

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