Are Psychedelic experiences truly conscious, or do they happen subconsciously

Asked by: Epitaph
  • In some ways it is conscious; But you may not be consciously aware of the verbal format to put your experiences in

    When we say something was known subconsciously what we usually mean is that we experienced something consciously but how we experienced it consciously if someone were to read our conscious minds would not explain much to the other person, hence the verbal format, the conscious experience as it would be if expressed verbally would be "subconscious".

  • I think its a dual layer scenario

    During a psychedelic experience I believe your conscious, regular brain activities are still present while interacting with subconscious figments, in essence being neither conscious or subconscious, but an elaborate combination of both. From this perspective, one may experience things during a trip the wouldn't have much recollection of in there unaltered state.

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