• Yes They Are (Speaking From Personal Experience)

    As A Child Is Diagnosed (I Strongly Believe Wrongfully) With Bipolar, OCD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Childhood Disorder), Anxiety, ADHD, & Tourettes Disorder. I Was Precribed Respidal, Zoloft, Clonide, Depakote, & Daytrona (Patch) As A Child None Of Helped At All (Pills Make Things Worse) & According To My Mom The Daytrona Patch Sent Me To The Hospital, Because I Suposedly Had A Seizure That Was Caused By The Patch. The People That Said No Do Not Know What They're Talking About. Psychologist, Councilors, Therapist, Psychiatrists, & Other Doctors All Diagnose People With Disorders That They Don't Have. Only You, Your Friends, & Family Memeber Know You. Psychologist, Councilors, Therapist, Psychiatrists, & Other Doctors Do Not Know You Or Your Brain/Mind. The WHO (World Health Organization) Always Come Up With Some Fake Bullshit Or Outrageous Mental Disorder Like "Gaming Disorder".

  • I think Definitely yes!

    One reason is medicalization of everything in today's society. It's just a big business for pharmaceutical to get money. The more things they find "wrong" with people the more more they get for themselves. My uncle was very energetic and did not sit still as a kid.... Now he's a wonderful and normal human being. Its just a process.... What do ppl expect from kids... Their minds are not developed like adults... The docs told my uncle that his son has ADHD cuz hes always moving.... He's a kid... He willl grow out of it on his own as he matures... He doesnt need meds to speed up the process for him!

  • Yes, they are.

    Psychiatric orders are over-diagnosed. They will try to find something wrong in your life, or try to expose some deep hidden memory to make you feel bad so they can fix you. Even if you tell them you are at peace and live a happy life with great success they will let you know you are wrong.

  • I believe they are.

    I believe that, looking at the rise in diagnoses over the past ten years, that one can argue with clarity and certainty that psychiatric orders are overdiagnosed. I think that badly behaved children, for example, are quick to have an ADD label slapped on them. Also, pharmaceuticals advertising has led to overdiagnosing of everything in this country.

  • Psychiatric disorders are absolutely overdiagnosed

    Short of walking into a psychiatrist's office and telling him/her that you're at complete peace with your life and with everything and everyone around you, a psychiatrist is almost certainly going to suggest further advising. Sad as it is to say, and as much as psychiatrists may want to help people, I'd like to point out that they also stand to make a lot more money by diagnosing an individual with a disorder. They get a new client, who in turn may have to be put on medication and repetitive therapy. It's as simple as that.

  • I think so!

    According to therapists, every person in the world has a disorder. I believe that people in the United States are over medicated. Children are on legalized cocaine known as Ritalin to help with attention deficit disorder. I noticed most of these children are boys who have higher metabolisms. The best solution is recess and allowing children to exercise and have fun instead of being inside and sitting in a classroom eight hours a day.

  • No, they are not.

    In my opinion I do not think that psychiatric disorders are overdiagnosed. I believe the professionals are smart and capable people who do their best to treat their patients as correctly and swiftly as possible. They are there to help people understand themselves better, and why they may feel certain ways.

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